Online Counselling for Adolescent

Online Counselling for Adolescent

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Adolescent years play a significant period of development. It is known as the transition period between childhood to adulthood.  Thus, it is important to receive a healthy environment and support for growth.  In the given age and time, there are numerous dangers and risk factors which put adolescents at risk. This impacts not only their physical health but their mental health as well. So it’s important that they receive the care and help they need.

Adolescent counseling involves facilitative mental healthcare intervention for teenagers. This requires providing adolescents who are struggling with certain issues with a safe and comfortable space. This space provides for enhanced problem solving, positive growth, and development of skills. Adolescent counseling has remained a rather negligent component in the society with respect to mental wellbeing due to lack of awareness.

Importance of Adolescent Counselling:

Adolescents face a lot of challenges related to their school, college, career, relationships, and stress of examinations. It is not uncommon to find them in distress. It is imperative that we provide them with the care and facilitation they need. Often, these needs are overlooked by claiming that it’s just a phase or by repressing them with other reasons. Mental wellbeing is an important component of the holistic wellbeing of an individual. Counselling and therapy can equip teenagers with required skills to deal with such ups and downs.

How do find out if your teen needs child counselling:

One can find out the need for counselling or therapy by checking the following points:

  1. You think your teen can benefit from a change, but they are unable to do so on their  own;
  2. Your teen is experiencing disturbances which impact their day-to-day life like school, homework, social engagement etc.;
  3. Your teen is experiencing disturbances which impact their overall wellbeing;
  4. Your teen is experiencing emotions on the extremes. For example they are either too happy or too angry;
  5. Your teen has a difficult time understanding their emotions;
  6. Feeling disconnected from oneself and one’s loved ones

Online Counselling for Adolescents:

Many platforms provide online counselling for adolescents. Now you must be asking yourself the question whether online counseling for adolescents is a good idea. Let us clear you out of this confusion. Research suggests that online counselling is as effective as conventional method. Moreover, it has some added benefits like accessibility, affordability, time flexibility etc.

In tough times like COVID- 19, shortage of time, issues of travelling, fear of sending teenagers alone, one wonders about online counselling for them as an easier, comfortable option. There are plenty of online resources that provide online children interventions, so choosing one may be difficult. Also, understanding the concept of ‘go online counselling’ may be difficult for most of us. To start online counselling for adolescent, let us understand how one should go about it.

Once you have identified the need for counselling, you can look for platforms that provide digital solutions like TalktoAngel.  You can then select a counselor of your choice, with the help of reviews and schedule a session, and choose the session mode of your choice (voice, video, chat). This seems easy and doable right? You, as parents and guardians can also have sessions with our professionals to better understand the issues. Remember, you can manage all your sessions, queries and follow-ups at the touch of your fingertips.

How can TalktoAngel help?

TalktoAngel is an online platform that provides quality therapy and other mental health services online. We have qualified and experienced professionals working with us. Child and Adolescent Issues is one of our areas of expertise. This means we have specialists with experience who have dealt with similar cases of child and adolescent issues. Studies have proven that online mental health services are as effective as the conventional mode. Furthermore, at TalktoAngel, we put your needs first. We can help you with flexible appointments, personalized and customized intervention plans all at the tip of your fingers. We can ensure that we provide you with the best online counselling for adolescents with qualified and experienced psychologists and mental health professionals.


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Tokong Pertin

Very informative and interesting. Many unknowns things/information are available here. I wish to have on line counseling my teenaged son. What is the fee charge for,I could not locate the fee structure.

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