Online Counselling: Benefits and Importance

Online Counselling: Benefits and Importance

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"Counselling is for someone who is mentally unstable”; “Counselling is for mentally ill." These are the sentences we generally hear people say. A common misconception that surrounds therapy is that, therapy or counselling is only for the mentally ill. What needs to be understood is that counselling and mental health services are for everyone. Nevertheless, with the current awareness surrounding mental health psycho education have made people comfortable with the dynamics of mental health services. In today's times, it's not uncommon to find someone who'd benefit from mental healthcare.


Moreover, with the changing times online mental health counselling, has also become crucial in the journey towards holistic wellbeing. Counselling enables you with a safe space to grow and develop as a person. Moreover, it can also help you resolve your conflicts, trauma, stress and toxicity in life.

How can you benefit from mental health counselling?

  • Mental Health Counselling can benefit you manifolds. While the process takes time, the impact too is long lasting. It can impact different aspects of life such as personal life, work, social  relationships and physical health.
  • Provides you with a safe space to share your emotional distress. This 'safe space' enables you with the road to personal growth.
  • Counselling can lead to improvement in various dynamics of your sense of 'self'. It has proven to boost self concept, self esteem and resilience.
  • It can help you overcome your fears, trauma and grief. Simultaneously, you can learn effective coping mechanisms to live a healthier life.
  • Through this, you can achieve a healthy work-life balance. It can help you in dealing with job dissatisfaction, insecurity, self worth issues, stress and financial concerns.
  • If you're someone who's going through abuse or has a history of abuse, counselling can help you grow out of it. It can also facilitate you to deal with such issues on your own.
  • Counselling can make you more independent. It's not that counsellors solve your problems for you. Instead, they facilitate you to find and navigate to your own solutions.
  • Issues of compatibility, early relationship issues, and problems of cheating, trust, separation and divorce are not uncommon and can cause huge psychological distress. For someone who struggles to keep up intimate or social relationships, relationship counsellors make sure that these issues are dealt with.
  • Counsellors are experts when it comes to cases of stress management. Through promoting self exploration, they work on emotional stability, self regulation, quality of life and work life balance.

Is online mental health counselling effective?

Online mental health counseling is mostly held through voice, video call or online chat counselling depending upon the comfort level of the user. According to growing research, online counseling has proven as effective as in personal therapy in cases of anxiety, depression and various other psychological problems. Furthermore, the recent pandemic has proven about how important online interventions are and could benefit in all walks of healthcare.

Some common perks of online counselling are:

  • Online Counselling is relatively accessible. With the help of technological advancements, therapeutic services can cross geographical restrictions.
  • Online counselling connects you with the best psychologists, life coaches, relationship counselors under one roof making it easier to reach out the best without much hassle.
  • Online therapy can be customized and personalized as per clients needs. Furthermore, it is easier to book appointments online as there are no waiting periods on most online counselling platforms.
  • Online counselling platfomrs provides for hassle free assessments and follow ups with your professional.
  • Since geographical issues are absent here, the time and cost of travelling is reduced, making online counselling comfortable and affordable.

How can TalktoAngel help?

TalktoAngel, is the best online counselling website in India, providing quality online mental health services. From online counselling, therapy to self assessment to psycho education, one can avail many services. For every client's needs, we provide options for flexible appointments and different forms of therapies. With therapists of diverse backgrounds, our services are available in 18_ Indian languages. With qualified, experienced and best therapists working with the aim to make mental healthcare accessible to all, its time one values and take efforts for mental health wellness.

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