Online Counselling Support: For Indian Students Returning From Ukraine

Online Counselling Support: For Indian Students Returning From Ukraine

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Mental Health of both military personnel and civilians faces a long-term impact of war. War adversely impacts both physically and emotionally. Some of the emotional consequences of conflicts between countries are depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder. The violence of war spreads chaos and fear which severely impairs lives, shatters relationships and families. The trauma leaves individuals and communities emotionally devastated, and the percentage of collaterally damaged population becomes high. There are more than 18000 students studying in Ukraine and on account of ongoing war, their evacuation is a big challenge for safety. 

While being concerned for the physical safety of the Indian students, there exists an equal need for the emotional and mental wellness of the students. It is important to attend and care of their mental state, relive them from the state of shock, counsel towards grief and loss suffered future career anxiety due to an abrupt displacement etc. 

How can Counselling help?

Counselling or therapy acts as a mode of expressing your emotions, thoughts, feelings and seeking guidance from trained experts for attaining better mental health wellness. Online counselling similar to the conventional form of counselling helps resolves the issues faced by an individual with an added advantage of comfort, affordability, confidentiality and ease. Online Counselling platforms connect the best therapists with a user irrespective of being distance apart. An user could benefit and receive online counselling from the best counsellors, life coaches, relationship counsellor even after been distance apart.

It’s ok, to not feel ok!” It definitely takes courage to speak out, and this courage might be needed and required for any individual, irrespective of the age, gender, profession, culture etc. Counselling can help oneself to find solutions to inner questions and deal with trauma.

Benefits of Online Counselling for ‘Ukraine Returned’ Indian Students:

To help individuals and family manage and deal with the emotional impact of surviving through a war hit zone, TalktoAngel’s pool of trained and certified online therapists, counselors are available to understand, talk and help on concerns around depression, anxiety, grief & loss caused due to the traumatic feeling of war. The emotional recovery and resilience of students and other vulnerable population adversely affected by war can be supported by trained and experienced psychologists.

The fear of career anxiety is an important aspect to be catered too by the students and parents. With the passing time, the students could exhibit signs of depression resulting from career displacement.  Online counseling platforms like TalktoAngel provide an option of connecting the best psychologists in India to you by just a click and seek expert guidance.

Therefore, be it in India or at Ukraine, one could avail online counselling and guidance at TalktoAngel.  


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