Online Counselling will help you defeat your Phobias

Online Counselling will help you defeat your Phobias

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Phobias are extreme, intense fears about certain things. A person having a phobia develops a unhealthy response pattern towards some things. These people tend to avoid fear triggering events or go through with great distress if they face these events. The intense fear that people develop interferes with their day to day wellbeing. In serious cases, phobias can alter people's social lives, personal relationships, economic status employment and education.

Understanding Phobias

  • Causes of Phobia

Research hasn't supported any one cause to be the determinant of phobia. Various factors are responsible for phobias. Past experiences and the trauma associated with those experiences may lead to the development of phobias. Chronic stress and other psychological conditions like anxiety, depression can also act as contributors to phobias. Certain genetic factors like heredity may also be the cause of phobia.

  • Types of Phobia

Specific Phobia: These are associated with irrational fear and responses towards a specific object like water, height, a particular animal etc. It is not serious until and unless a specific phobia starts negatively affecting our lives.

-Agoraphobia: In laymen term, it the fear and anticipation that comes from open spaces most commonly public places. Someone who has agoraphobia will avoid going out of the house even to buy medicines or grocery. Moreover, in severe cases, people may refrain from stepping out of their room. Sometimes, thoughts and feelings promoting agoraphobia may be linked to anxiety and panic.

-Social Phobia: Arises from intense fear of social situations so much so that it impacts important day to day social engagement like education, work, and interpersonal relationships. It can be something as ignored as fear of speaking in front of a number of people to as evident as avoiding socialization even when it is necessary.

  • Impact of Phobia

Not everyone understands why people have phobias. Some people don't understand that phobias and fears are quite different. Phobias are dangerous and impact the day-to-day life of individuals. Someone might not step out of the house due to the phobia they have of dogs. Another person with social phobia may risk academic success because of their intense fear of public speaking, social situations. Phobias cause extreme worrying, feelings of danger.

Dealing with Phobias: Is online counselling a key?

In the busy streams of our lives, online therapy and counselling comes as a respite. Online counselling is as effective as conventional intervention. Research has proven that online interventions for psychological conditions like phobia, depression, anxiety etc. As concluded by various researches, online counselling is not only effective it has some benefits as well. Shifting online has made therapy accessible even in remote locations. Clients can have customized, personalised options while reaching out to therapists. They no more have to be limited by the geographical limitations while choosing the best therapist or counsellor. Online therapy is more consistent as it remains unimpacted by weather change, traffic, overtime at office etc.

Where can you seek online counselling for phobias?

There are numerous websites providing counsellors and therapists. You can also seek out a particular professional and ask them whether they provide online intervention. Moreover, if one is unaware about different professionals, their qualifications, specialties and experience, they can visit websites like TalktoAngel. It not only provides quality mental health services but ensures best practices. They have numerous qualifies mental health workers and all their details are available on their website.


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