Online Therapy for Self-Improvement: All you need to know!

Online Therapy for Self-Improvement: All you need to know!

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The term “Self- Improvement” has a different meaning for every person. It includes various aspects of our life. It encompasses our success at work or school, our health both mental and physical, personal growth and our relationships. Self Improvement doesn’t just take place with us deciding to start it. It takes time, effort, consistency and most importantly, proper guidance. To be on the right path for self improvement you can also seek out online therapy for self improvement.

Often self improvement seeks to bring growth to different aspects of life. With the right efforts, it can result in increased personal, profession and social growth. The term can often be confused with ‘personal development’ or ‘self development’. However, one needs to understand that self improvement is one part of self or personal development.

Benefits of Therapy for Self Improvement:

The benefits of self improvement can be manifold and long lasting.

  • Self improvement aids initiate self exploration. It also increases our self awareness.   
  • Self improvement contributes to personal development which results in increased self esteem, self concept, confidence and efficiency.
  • It leads to greater self acceptance, life satisfaction, commitment to goals and achievement of those goals.
  • Self improvement therapy helps in improving social and intimate relationships.
  • It leads to increased emotional intelligence and maturity. 
  • Self improvement decreases our vulnerability to psychological issues of anxiety, depression etc.

Is ‘Self Help Therapy’ really important?

Self help therapies are personalised mental health services where therapists, while dealing with mental health problems are specialised to bring upon self improvement. These inventions help us in becoming resilient and capable of facing emotional challenges. It helps us in achieving our ideal self, the way we want to be. It helps us in overcoming maladapted chains of habit. To put it in the simplest words, it is more like personal development and achieving a better version of you. Unlike conventional therapy or counselling, it isn’t aimed at coping with a mental health disorder.

Similar personality development therapies can bring upon rapid positive changes in a person’s life. One of the best forms of therapy employed by therapists includes CBT, where therapists take an approach which includes working on the thought process and behaviour process of an individual. These forms of interventions start with self acceptance and self awareness are coupled with specific achievable goals.

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