Overcoming Loneliness caused by Remote Working

Overcoming Loneliness caused by Remote Working

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The ongoing pandemic has established itself as the “New Normal”. There are no more brunches at cafes, no more hiking, and no more weekend parties. Most of us have faced one similar issue at sometime during this long pandemic – ‘Loneliness’. Everyone misses hanging out with friends, but the last thing in our minds before it all happened was if this all would make us miss our workplace and things related to it. But in fact, it did, remote working has been a challenge. Before the pandemic hit the world, every working person had a fantasy of taking a long break from work, but now all they want is for this to end. Loneliness is a powerful unpleasant emotion.

Remote work is a popular pattern in numerous industries today, particularly technology and consultancy based, finance and business administrations; many are already acquainted with how the isolation of working remotely can affect mental wellness.

On the other hand, people with relatively more solid jobs were made to switch their regular workplace to remote working, i.e., working from home or remote locations like small towns, hill stations etc. Now working from home, be it because of whatever reasons, eventually has lead to loneliness, anxiety, interpersonal conflicts, fights and stress. It indeed had taken a toll on the mental health of those who are working from home. While the immediate health benefits of avoiding common workspaces are apparent in the face of a frightening pandemic, it is crucial to consider the mental health consequences that can come with working remotely. To help your mental wellness while protecting your and your family's physical wellbeing during this pandemic, step up in keeping up a healthy environment inside a home workspace with these following tips: .

1. Virtual Social Events

Globally numerous organizations facilitate virtual upbeat hours and different occasions to guarantee that workers remain well connected. These are fundamental for confidence; in any event, saving a couple of moments for each day for a casual chat can incredibly improve everybody' mind-set.

2. Think about the Good Old Times

Studies have discovered that recalling the positive episodes lessens loneliness. Going through old photos and memories will help you get over loneliness. Reconnecting with your colleagues, sharing old pictures might help you as well as others.

3. Create Importance in Virtual Work

By zeroing in on others' necessities and sentiments, you can add significance to your work connections and give less consideration to contemplations and feelings that trigger depression. Acknowledge and welcome that you are doing important work – regardless of whether it's from home or the workplace.

4. Engage in Self-Divulgence

Sharing your emotions is an excellent method for keeping up relations at work. The more profundity you share with your friends and your relatives, for instance, discussing your stresses over the current circumstances, the more you will feel connected and genuine.

5. Connect casually with your Colleagues

Organizing standard, casual one-on-one catch-ups with your colleagues (virtually) might help erase loneliness and depression. Even though you cannot do these face to face, you can have virtual gatherings by means of video calls or basic calls. This way you open a door for the colleagues to raise any issue they have regarding their work-life and mental wellbeing, as the saying goes - sharing is caring.

6. Celebrate Virtually

With a considerable lot of us living in lockdown conditions for quite a long time, social gatherings will be woefully missed by numerous individuals of your workplace. Facilitating virtual parties can be a unique path for workers to cooperate with their friends and colleagues - improving their mood simultaneously.

7. Get up and take a break by doing physical workout

Fight the urge to stay sedentary and schedule a busy time to get your heart pumping. Do a simple workout in home, or go out for a walk while following social distancing, using mask, and stretch or do yoga, practice a hip-hop, Zumba dance video on YouTube — whatever works for you.

8. Make time for your favourite people

Support from your peers is also very effective, when you're down with feeling of low, sad, depressed or anxious, plan out time each week to spend with your core group of friends and family members who lift you up, in a nutshell, staying connected is the key.

9.  Online Counselling by psychologists/Counsellors

Online counselling by psychologists/counsellor and coaches are of great help in beating out anxiety, stress, depression, obsession, over-thinking, conflicts, it helps in boosting self-confidence, motivation, morale, and team spirit.

Overseeing working environment mental health issues during these challenging times is, without a doubt, a test for anyone. Overcoming loneliness is a challenge, but it can be eradicated by staying connected with your colleagues, friends and loved ones.


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