Pornography Addiction: Symptoms and Treatment

Pornography Addiction: Symptoms and Treatment

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If you can't put down your smartphone, even when you have work to complete, dinner to make, the dog to walk, or your wedding anniversary to celebrate with your loved one, you might have a porn addiction. And you could think you do if this unquenchable hunger causes actual problems in your life. Most people only require that information. That is the answer to the question. However, if you're looking for a precise description of what porn addiction is, specific signs of it, or the precise number of hours that make up an addiction, these answers don't really exist. According to Dr (Prof) R K Suri, the Best Clinical Psychologist & Sex Therapist, “A person is said to have a porn addiction if their emotional dependence on pornography interferes with their ability to function”.

This kind of addiction can be rather typical. A disease described as hypersexual dysfunction, which includes actions like excessive masturbation, is categorized as a porn addiction by some medical experts.

Along with sex addiction, pornography addiction lacks a formal diagnosis in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Health Disorders published by the American Psychiatric Association (APA) (DSM). Therefore, there are no set standards for diagnosing porn addiction that mental health experts can follow.

In fact, the scientific board of the APA consistently rejects its inclusion in the handbook due to a lack of sufficient data to classify pornographic addiction as an illness. Oh, and from a neurological standpoint, what you're dealing with might not even be an addiction. According to various research, unrestrained porn consumption may be more of a compulsion than an addiction. In terms of binge-watching porn, which is worse: an addiction or a compulsion? Compulsion is the term used to describe an extreme wants to do something, whereas addiction combines compulsion with a loss of control. A person who is suffering from addiction or compulsion could find it uncomfortable. Making this distinction is crucial.

Making the diagnosis of pornography addiction is challenging, and not all therapists will accept it. Scholars have also provided numerous models for the indicators.

Some counselors and healthcare professionals hold the opinion that while pornography is not inherently harmful, it has the potential to be so depending on the individual's or their partner's perspective.

Some indications that pornography may be a problem include the following:

  • One's sexual life becomes less fulfilling.
  • Relationship problems or decreased partner satisfaction are brought on by pornography.
  • A person takes a risky action, like watching porn at work, to view it.

Other red flags of a potentially troublesome relationship with pornography include:

  • In order to view porn, they overlook their other responsibilities.
  • In order to experience the same release that earlier, less violent porn offered, they view progressively graphic pornography.
  • Despite feeling angry or humiliated after seeing porn, they keep doing it.
  • Although they wish to stop using porn, they are unable to.
  • They spend a lot of money on porn, sometimes at the cost of their everyday or family necessities.

Sex therapists advise that you consider seeking help if your porn use has caused you to disregard important responsibilities like your job, if you are having relationship issues, or if you are having trouble experiencing and appreciating closeness in real life.

Two of the four clinical correlations with behavioural addiction may apply in determining whether your porn consumption is heading in an unhealthy direction:

Social problems: You are skipping crucial deadlines or obligations at work, home, or school as a result of the behaviour.

Reduced control: You crave the activity, but your attempts to cut back or control it are useless as well.

Consult a sex specialist or best clinical psychologist if:

  • You continue to binge-watch copious amounts of porn on repeat, regardless of any problems it has caused or is now causing in your relationships, career, or personal life.
  • Time keeps passing by while you watch porn.
  • You just consider porn in your mind.
  • Every time you view porn, even when you don't want to think about it or aren't doing so, you experience intense guilt, melancholy, or embarrassment. You may also experience anxiety when you try to disguise it.
  • You think it keeps you from truly enjoying or satisfying your own sexual encounters.

There is no proven method of treating addiction to pornography. In fact, because many experts do not view pornographic addiction as a valid medical disorder, some doctors and therapists may come to the conclusion that therapy is not necessary.

Some persons who are in need of pornography addiction treatment might instead benefit from getting help for other problems, like relationship challenges, sexual shame, or depression. Therefore, if a person decides to seek Online Therapy, it's crucial to pick an Online Counsellor the Best Psychologist in India who is knowledgeable about and adept at handling these problems.

Some treatment plans can include:

Therapy: Understanding one's relationship to porn, addressing unmet sexual urges, and developing coping mechanisms for psychological distress are all possible with the help of psychotherapy.

Relationship counselling: Couples therapy can assist couples in discussing their shared values, deciding whether or not porn is appropriate in their relationship, and building stronger trust.

Medication: Some people use porn to manage a different condition. The underlying problem may be treated with medication. Consult the best psychiatrist in India for the management of addiction.

Lifestyle modifications: Some people consume pornography because they are bored or worn out. Spending less time on the computer could lead to a healthier lifestyle.

Pornography can have disastrous effects if it is viewed in excess, whether or not it is addictive in the sense of conventional medicine.

Although the causes of pornography addiction are up for debate, most therapies involve addressing an underlying issue, which may involve mental health issues. Simple modifications in lifestyle may be beneficial for some people. A sex-positive therapist who can identify underlying problems and offer evidence-based treatment alternatives can help a person improve their relationships and regain control over their use of pornography.

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Contributed by: Dr (Prof) R K Suri, Clinical Psychologist & Sex Therapist  &  Ms. Aditi Bhardwaj, Psychologist




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