Power of Perception

Power of Perception

Power of Perception

“We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.”

This quote by Oscar Wilde aptly describes the power perception holds in an individual’s life. How we see and understand the things around us influences our response to it and hence our behavior. Perception has the power to change a bad phase in our life into a learning experience. We can’t control the environment or the stimulus, but what we can control is how we face the stimulus, how we decide to perceive it. The human mind is creative. It helps to decide how we want to face our reality.

Perceptual Intelligence is the ability of an individual to interpret sensory data and arrive at a decision. Good decision making skill requires having high perceptual intelligence.

However perceptual intelligence is an acquired skill. An individual can improve their perception of power through awareness and practice. Our perception changes our reality. It helps us to take control of the situation and mold it for our benefit.

Perception is largely affected by the society we live in. Studies have shown that everything from our taste in food, our values, and our views about good, bad and evil is influenced by our culture and surrounding.

False perceptions can make a difference in our living conditions and our psychology. Many psychological therapies focus on changing this perception in people in order to treat them of illnesses.

Education is the key to learning perception power. Becoming aware of the underlying habits influencing habits can help to develop perceptual ability. By developing better perceptions we can decrease the risk of financial, health, family problems, and other issues related to low perceptual intelligence. Hence high PI can also influence happiness in an individual.


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