Raksha Bandhan: The bond of love and support

Raksha Bandhan: The bond of love and support

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Beloved I offer to you

In tender allegiance anew,

A bracelet of floss, Let me twist

Its tassels, vermilion and blue

And violet, to girdle your wrist.


Accept this bright gage from my hand,

Let you heart its sweet speech understand,

The ancient high symbol and end

Is wrought on each gold-threaded strand,

The fealty of friend unto a friend.


A garland how frail of design,

Our spirits clasp and entwine

In devotion unstained and unbroken,

How slender a circle and sign

Of secret, deep pledges unspoken!


Sarojini Naidu – The Feather of Dawn

One such significant event that honors the love and devotion between a brother and a sister is Raksha Bandhan. Nothing compares to the closeness as that between siblings! One's youth and all that happens after that are profoundly changed by growing up with siblings. Rakhsha Bandhan was originally intended to honor the relationship between brothers and sisters. By symbolically tying a Rakhi (a thread), the sister was delegating the duty of providing for her safety to the brother. What originally stood for necessary masculine protection has gradually changed. It has evolved into the metaphorical concept of safeguarding and caring for your sibling's comfort and safety. However, when we talk about sibling relationships, they are crucial for our social, emotional, and cognitive growth and are necessary for companionship.

Sibling relationships can play out in unusual ways in nurturing individuals’ mental health as siblings are often a child's primary playmate and an adult's closest friend. It is among the most powerful links we may have since we are born and have a significant impact on how we develop emotionally in our life. Our siblings teach us vital life skills, guide us to establish bonds with other people, discover our identity, and teach us how to negotiate in relationships. Sometimes, the relationship amongst siblings is not so good on account of sibling rivalry, the event of sharing, caring, and performing rituals with intervention and cordial support of parents do alter and help in modifying behavior, Rakshbandhan is one such occasion to celebrate love, passion, and care in the family. A strong bond with your sister or brother promotes both your mental and physical health and helps you live a long and happy life. They not only encourage us to take better care of ourselves but also assist us when we are ill or under stress. Having a sibling might help us to preserve some of our early and fondest memories. It can be a fight over a toy or sleeping with parents, frequent teasing, and playing your favorite game, a trip with them, or fighting in the backseat of the car.

A brother and sister connection is an important bond. A brother and sister have a very close relationship. Although they may argue over minor issues, their love for one another is unfathomable. To express your affection for your sibling, you can care for them and make them feel special. Give the gift that flows from your heart. Finding the perfect present for a loved one seems worthwhile when you see a smile on their face.

Check out the list of items we have put up for you to choose from if you're seeking the perfect present for your sister or brother.

  1. If your sibling is someone who loves traveling and often packs their bag and travels. Give him a Full HD Camera and help them capture beautiful moments and share them with others.

  2. Make this Rakhi unique for your sibling by gifting them a package of hair and skin care items with herbal and natural ingredients.

  3. If your sibling has just entered college or just graduated from college and going to join for work, gift them a Fitness tracker to track their physical health, and keep them motivated and physically fit.

  4. You might give them a basket filled with items of arts and crafts if they enjoy doing crafts and other similar activities.

  5. You can always gift them a personalized hamper filled with cakes, chocolate, and assorted sweets that are their favorite.

  6. Gifting good wishes on social media and promoting the same to kin, in the event one does not have real siblings.

You may also gift them tickets/coupons/subscriptions to activities they enjoy, or you can get them a membership to anything that will keep their attention off the bad things. As most of us are dealing with mental stress and anxiety due to a variety of reasons and there are not many ways to cope with it.

TalktoAngel brings you, mental health services with the best Online Counsellors and Best Psychologist in India, to help your sibling manage their stress and worries and cherish every moment of their life. With TalktoAngel’s “Gift of Care,” gift your sibling the gift of mental health wellness by offering them affordable, confidential Online Counselling.


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