Role play of marriage counselling in life

Role play of marriage counselling in life

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Marriage is a unique bond between two people who be open to their differences and appreciate the similarities through affection and love for each other. The aim for marriage should not be to be a homo sapiens however, to think in a team. In a marriage vow by vows, you sign a contract that you vow to keep for the rest of your lives. A commitment to your partner ensures you all the happiness through your life. Like any other union, marriages have their own set of problems that come up when it's tough. If the bond that binds your one are able to overcome any challenges however, when the bond is strained and the marriage is in decline, it difficult to ensure the marriage last. The problem is commonplace across the globe. Everybody tries to tackle the issues to their best. Sometimes, it is possible that you're making the wrong decision. Look into what's missing and what's making you feel uncomfortable. If you're not able to pinpoint the issue or are unable to figure it out to solve it get help from an expert to help you get rid of the issue completely.

What is a Marriage counselling?

Marriage counselling or Couple therapy isn't in any way alien to us. In past times, generally those who were older were the ones to raise awareness of how to treat husband and wife and how be treated by them. However, later on, a feeling of male dominance and female submissiveness grew into the society that made its own rules for being married. In the last decades that the concept of equality was born. However, the mindset of people may not alter with that changes are occurring within the social system. There are often differences within two couples. These could stem from beginnings of the relationship, such as the circumstances of being growing up and being born that are unique for each partner.
If the tensions and disagreements between couples are so difficult to resolve, it's more beneficial to seek advice from a professional  marriage counsellor who can guide better than any normal family member or friend. A marriage counsellor can help you think about your mental patterns and the manner in which problems should be addressed according to the personalities they deal with, and demonstrate your ability to create a positive change in your marriage. Marriage counselling gives you means to better communicate as well as negotiate disagreements and resolve issues in a more effective manner.

Problem rising from the source

Everything can cause tension between couples. One of the main causes could be similar to

Communications: Once communication gets negative, brimming with sarcasm or criticism or faults, there is no room in a healthy relationship. This can harm the egos of both parties greatly, reducing the chance of restoring the intimacy of the relationship. Always be cautious with your remarks.

adultery The trust that is built is damaged and you don't get the same level of respect and love by your loved one. No matter the fault of the husband or spouse, they both are affected. The environment that is healthy for the family is ruined. Children learn to be a poor image of their parents. This greatly affects their mental development.

If you are having issues with sexuality in your relationship, take a seat and talk about. Have a quiet time and attempt to make it easier for you to be closer. Explore different ways to boost the excitement and spark the curiosity. Finding pleasures in marriage isn't an option. If you're struggling with a problem of becoming attracted by others or finding it difficult to resist temptation look into seeking professional advice that will keep you from the dangers of tragedy.

Out of control emotions: Anger-related emotions could cause you to use harsh words whenever something goes wrong. There will be a time when things can be rectified however the words that you speak are not able to be retracted. When you are aware that the words could cause harm to the person deeply. Other issues like the involvement of outside people like your family members, in-laws or friends and displaying superiority, unreliable or having extra-marital affairs and so on. can cause cracks in relationship that may persist for a long time. It's not uncommon to consider divorce in the event of such issues. If the problem is dragged to the point that there is no other option but to get divorced the couple should be emotionally prepared for divorce.

Children’s life also gets affected

A happy relationship between a couple makes an ideal home. When the relationship gets overly strained, leading to disputes and shouting at each their spouses, it's children that are the ones most affected. Growing up in this kind of environment has a negative effect on children. If the problems in the home don't resolve and when they choose to divorce, their hearts are smothered by the desire to be loved by both parents. If a couple decides to divorce, it is incredibly detrimental to the children. There are negative consequences such as feeling abandoned and denial, expressing an anger at everything, feeling that they must face guilt and blame constantly, hoping for reconciliation, and feeling depressed that nothing ever comes of it to them.

Getting Stuck?

It's common for couples who are having problems that "We know the problem but don't know how to fix it." So it's moment to seek expert advice. A skilled marriage counsellor will help you make your relationships back on track. While you may not be able to pinpoint what the issue lies A good counselor can reveal what's missing in your relationship that will make you a better couple. "I did not realize that I'll be able to come from this abyss. It's like being in hell in this relationship. However, after a few sessions, it dawned on me my husband is actually carrying the whole load. Self-consciousness and self-pity has blinded my eyes. Today, I'm extremely content and grateful for my wise decision to seek professional solution to my problem. My house is a lovely home today" Says a wife smiling with satisfaction.

Pre-Marriage and Post-Marriage Counselling

Have you ever thought about what the pre-marriage and post-marriage counselling provide? But before I let you know the answer, let me introduce you to the harsh realities. In recent years there has been a dramatic rise in depression cases, particularly among newlyweds couple. Why is that? Expectations!!! Yes. With the advancement of technology, with everything within reach it is causing us to lose numerous threads. Be it the expensive furnishings, fashionable gadgets, an amazing interior, an attractive job with huge pay for living lavishly, a beautiful and loving spouse, and the feeling of a home that is heaven on earth. The dreams of a newlywed bride are limitless. Similar to an attractive bride with the best qualities, an exquisite meal at dinner and lunch times as well as a happy life and a flurry of a huge sum of money and more. are the ideals of the groom? However, as soon as wedding day begins then the reality of life is revealed!!

Social media has thrown our lives in a false light with regards to every wish or need we've got. When the castle of our dreams has collapsed, with the harsh realities striking our faces it's clear that we've fallen into depression. It is the responsibility each parent has to help their children to confront the realities of the world. The illusions are only for fun. You can't believe in a lie even if you love its sweet. With time, the dream fades away. Thus, the pre-marital counselling assists either gender to be prepared for the reality of life. If the counselling is to be completed after marriage, it will be post-marital counselling.

What is the place of men in women’s life?

"Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus, came down to live together on Earth" is the well-known analogy used about women and men. The social system creates confusion for these confused genders who reach an agreement for lifetime commitment to the wonder of the hormonal function. After a short interval of melting off the glittering cover of attraction that the issues begin to surface. Martians that are hard and cold cannot handle gentle and warm Venusians and the emotional Venusian fairies can't stand the delicate characteristics that is Martian angels. While it might seem absurd to draw a parallel to this.

Revive that love

Find the hidden love that lies within each of you by taking a break from your routine to fill in the gaps of your wonderful relationship. Take tours that are in the midst of the natural world and enjoy wonderful activities like mountain climbing, hiking and wandering around in gardens, taking bathing in waterfalls and so on. that bring you close and ignite the flames of romance. Nature can bring lovers back together, making them realize what they're lacking.
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