Self-Care to Embrace Motherhood

Self-Care to Embrace Motherhood

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If you think of the idea of motherhood along with taking care of yourself or particularly "me time", it is believed that it doesn’t go hand in hand. However, it's time for some thought-provoking - and an examination of your priorities. Motherhood is a tough job, however, it's never about losing yourself during the process.

Actually, if we are able to admit that the mother who takes good care of herself is a happier mother, we can change our belief that a happy mom is the one who creates a happy child. However, the idea to have "me time" is not a common concept among mothers. Is it just the time restraints that's keeping moms from having a treat occasionally? Or is it the belief that spending an hour of "alone time" is selfish and unnecessary?

Logic Behind "Me Time"

Based on research findings, mothers have less relaxation time than fathers. Additionally, in comparison to dads, moms are able to clock in more hours, do multiple jobs, and manage household chores while taking care of their children. This is not a surprise that moms are more susceptible to mom burnout. It is a condition of exhaustion that generally means that moms feel exhausted and depleted of energy. Every mom requires assistance and support from others. This is why receiving encouragement from a support group or seeking an online counselling session with an expert can be highly helpful. However, is there anything mothers can do on their own to help themselves avoid falling victim to mom burnout? Yes. Here are ways to find “me time”, practice mindfulness, and care of yourself while mothering a baby.

Ways to Find "Me Time" While Mothering

There's no need to step away from everything to be able to feel. There is no need to take a risk by finding a hotel for yourself or heading to the beach alone. You can look after yourself while taking care of your family members at the same time.

1. Communicate With Other People.

There's nothing wrong with using Social media at least a few hours a day, particularly if you have just delivered a baby and are unable to leave your house. Keep your cabin fever at bay by talking to users on the internet. It's particularly helpful to stay in touch with moms from other families who connect with you and provide tips.

If going online or using Facebook is not an option you can connect with friends over the phone or, if you can or possibly, visit your neighbor in the next street. Every social interaction can help moms who are overwhelmed.

2.  Exercise on Daily Basis

The exercise routine releases happy hormones that ease anxiety and stress! It's difficult to exercise if you have a child with you, but it is important to make the most of those moments when they're just sitting down or asleep. You should take advantage of those times, and can get on a treadmill, or lay on a mat for a yoga session. It's totally up to you. It's not even necessary to work hard. If you're engaged in any physical exercise, you'll be in good shape both physically and mentally.

3. Relax And Watch Some TV/NetFlix.

There's nothing wrong with having fun without thinking, particularly when it takes your mind off the pressures of parenting. If you find that watching a film is not feasible at this point consider the alternative that there are television shows.

4. Read Some Books.

If watching television and movies isn't your thing maybe you prefer reading? If you like reading, you do not need to put aside your books when you become a mommy. Take advantage of the free time you have each day. If your child is eating or sleeping, for instance, it's not necessary to be ashamed of having a rest. Open an eBook and take a break! You'll be able to think about your floors in the future after you're more rested.

5. Don't Forget To Do The Hobbies That You Enjoy.

Everybody has hobbies and is happy doing them, so why don't mothers be like that? If you love cooking, then put your child in a sling and bring with you into the kitchen to watch your skills at work. When it's time for the baby to sleep, put them in a secure swaddle and write a journal or scrapbooking. If you are able to take advantage of your small pockets of time, you will find yourself with the time to yourself.

6. Take A Leisurely Walk To The Park.

In the afternoon, when your baby is awake as well as the weather looks pleasant then take their favorite baby blanket and place them into their stroller. Go for a walk through the neighborhood and talk about your neighborhood with friends.

It is possible to also remain in the park and let your child explore the surroundings. Simply by walking your child into the parks, you'll be in a position to exercise, and socialize while bonding with your child and your baby at once.

7. Occasionally Unplug From Social Media.

Social media can be a blessing because it allows you to connect with others. But, at the same time, social media is a source of stress and can also be a problem. If you are constantly seeing posts from other users and you're tempted to think that you're not living the same way as they are, it's time to stay away from social media every once in a while. Concentrate on your own well-being, and stay away from the anxious post of others, peer pressure, and identity crisis.

8. If You Used To Be A Perfectionist, Minimise It.

Motherhood isn't the ideal opportunity or the best place to practice perfection. There are times when things don't happen your way especially when you're responsible for raising a human being with their own thoughts. It's not about lowering standards, instead, it's releasing your mind of unnecessary pressures. There is no need to stress about being perfect every single day. You can save time and energy by making good alternatives, not necessarily perfect ones.

9. Sleep Whenever You Can.

It's an absolute luxury to have a good night's sleep when you're a new baby, so make sure to sleep as often as you are able! Moms who don't have enough rest can't be productive. A well-rested mother is a healthy mother who will raise healthy children. If your baby is sleeping, take a nap also. Do not underestimate the advantages of a quick power nap for your good mental and physical health.

10. Seek online counselling with Best Psychologists

You can also seek online counseling from the best psychologists in India at TalktoAngel, if you are feeling that motherhood is becoming stressful, and you aren’t able to manage your life’s balance.

Contributed by: Dr (Prof) R K Suri, Clinical PsychologistCounsellor, & Life Coach & Utkarsh Yadav, Psychologist



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