the love for size zero


the love for size zero

I want to be thin, she wants to be thin, and we all want to go be thin. Doesn’t it feel like everybody wants to be thin and that everybody is scared of gaining weight? There are a lot of people who are preoccupied and unsatisfied with their physical appearance.  Mostly this pressure to be thin or skinny is fallen on the women

People come in all shapes and sizes. But our society seems to have forgotten this and believes that it is perfectly acceptable to judge someone by their size. To promote the culture of thinness and being skinny is healthy and the only acceptable size in the society through advertisement. Young girls, barely out of their teens are going through articles, advertisements in magazines about how to change their physical appearances by diets, exercise, and even cosmetic surgery. Facing these problems females tend to have a complicated relationship with food. So naturally, the first step closer to get this culturally expected body or to be skinny "IS TO NOT TO EAT AT ALL"  which can lead to development of eating disorders. Anorexia Nervosa is the most common among them. At this young age, 'LOOKING ANOREXIC' is believed to be good because of the lack of knowledge amongst the young girls who think it is just another word for thin.

it is ignorant and even unhealthy to put the label of being the "look obsessed generation" on young minds and it is time to break the cruel cycle of being "size zero". We need to start accepting our bodies the way we are and stop catering to the expectations of society. 

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