This Summer Swear By These Five Keys for a Happier and Healthier Life

This Summer Swear By These Five Keys for a Happier and Healthier Life

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We often fail to keep up with our health goals. We think of health and wellbeing as responsibilities, when in fact, it should be our very own lifestyle. A lifestyle which includes choices we make almost every day. Having a good sleep cycle, exercising daily, taking medicines, going to therapy, we know these are some key elements. Yet, we find it difficult to meet these goals. Let’s find out why these steps are important and how to make the right changes. 

Sleep, sleep, sleep! 

Hustling, and the new age entertainment like binge watching; increased stress (professional and personal) has made it difficult to get that good eight hours of sleep every night. However difficult that might be, researchers claim there is no alternative to a healthy sleep cycle. Our body needs a long 7-8 hours uninterrupted sleep to restore energy levels without making us tired and experiencing fatigue. Our brains also need rest and time to process and store information throughout the day. These processes happen during our sleep. Impaired sleep can interfere negatively with them. Sleep deprivation has been linked to various conditions and diseases like cancer, cardiovascular diseases, mental health concerns, dementia, shorter life spans etc. 

Eat, Not Too Little, Not Too Much

With all the awareness about balanced diet and healthy eating, we still find it difficult to practice. Most people find juices and detox diets to be healthy. However, it cannot be farther from the truth. Studies suggest that a healthy balanced diet should be followed instead of eliminating solid food. Eating a variety of foods can be helpful. Relying on protein, fruits and vegetables, legumes, and whole grain is enough. Wholesome nourishing food can help in weight loss, healthy weight gain, mental health, life longevity and delaying ageing too. 

Get your Body Moving

Regular exercise keeps our bodies and brains healthier and young. Exercise reduces stress levels in the body. It also leads to secretion of endorphins which can improve our mood and induce happy feelings. It is also related to increased self-esteem. 

How’s your Social Life?

Having social support helps boost psychological well being. Strong intimate, family and friendly relationships provide us with a sense of belonging. Healthier relationships also lead to increased positivity in life. 

Integrating Mental Health and Physical Health

People’s new year’s resolutions and health goals begin with eating healthy, dieting and exercising. While these are good for your mental health, they are not enough. Health is not equal to physical wellbeing. Your overall health should include your mental wellbeing as well. Studies have found a significant difference between the two. People with chronic physical illnesses can have poor mental health. Similarly, people with mental issues like stress, anxiety have shown increased vulnerabilities to cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and even shorter life spans. Ignoring one or the other is no longer an option. So get you mental health assessed sooner than later. Here’s how you can do it online with the best online therapy in India- TalktoAngel. You can easily book an online counselling session with the best online counsellors in India. It is easy and help can be accessed from the comfort from your home. 


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