Pyaar ka Punchnama: Embrace These Ten Punches for a Healthier Relationship

Pyaar ka Punchnama: Embrace These Ten Punches for a Healthier Relationship

February 21 2022 TalktoAngel 0 comments 453 Views

“Problem kya hai? Problems hai miscommunication, mistrust, intimacy issues, different interests, conflicting future goals.”

Media representations of couples are not the best representations of real life relationships. Reel- Life relationship issues are mostly limited to relationship issues like long distance issues, family disagreements and other personal differences. More disapproving is the resolution of these issues, an epiphany about how they have met “the one” and they lived happily ever after.

Relationships in real life, are much different from reel life, which requires more efforts to work upon. It takes a lot of effort, arguments, conflict resolution, compromise, counselling to make a relationship successful. This may seem difficult, but it feels easy when it’s with the right person. Embrace the following tips to strengthen your relationship.


Most conflicts between couples arise due to a lack of effective communication. Communication also involves the love language you share as a couple. It can be different for different people. Love language can range from exchanging gifts, giving surprises to physical intimacy etc. During counselling sessions, many relationship experts and counsellors recommend partners to communicate more and talk openly with each other, as healthy communication between partners can help reduce distress, improve trust and bring happiness in the relationship.


Money can become a difficult topic in romantic relationships. Financial management is essential for couples, especially committed and married couples. It is a determinant of some of your future goals. Too much debate around money can impact the relationship drastically. Shared decision making, measuring joint expenses are a few ways of overcoming financial disputes.

Similarities and Differences

It’s true that opposites attract, but psychological research shows that we choose partners with whom we share some similarities. These differences and similarities can be overwhelming at times. As couples, you should learn to balance both. For example, doing different things during your personal time and similar things in your shared time, this shall help build a stronger bond.


A lack of commitment is common in casual relationships. However, in long term serious relationships, commitment is crucial and necessary. It increases your investment in the relationship. With commitment, people feel secure about their bond. From time to time commitment needs to be reinforced in a relationship. You can show your commitment with acts of kindness, respecting your partner, being there and providing a support system for your partner.

Invest “Time for your Relationship”

Making time for your partner is the best act of love. So it is important to understand what “time” in a relationship means. It includes taking out time for special moments, intimacy, and communication. Moreover, giving your partner time to heal and make decisions is another side of it.


It’s no surprise that intimacy is monumental in a relationship. A balance between sexual and emotional intimacy provides for a stronghold. Physical intimacy includes doing things that you both enjoy, going the extra mile to make them happy. Emotional intimacy is slightly different. It involves being emotionally available, remembering sentimental things, providing your partner with required emotional space.


Couples with different goals have a tough time living in cohesion. Different goals could include decisions about  marriage, kids, moving and career. Planning ahead can help bridge these gaps. Sometimes, partners make compromises to accommodate each other’s wishes. Besides, working towards the same or shared goals can encourage you to achieve your goals.


Personal boundaries are important in a relationship. Many couples counsellors always suggest that these boundaries help maintain respect between partners. It is also a good way to define limits in intimacy be it emotional or physical.  Moreover, boundaries can help you enjoy your personal self too.

Strengths and Weaknesses

While being a couple, you may have your individual strengths and weaknesses. Moderating your strengths and weaknesses can come in handy during difficult times, and help maintain a balance in the relationship

Seek Help

Not many people acknowledge, but sometimes couples can hit a rough patch which seems daunting and difficult to move past. In such cases, couples should not hesitate and seek help from expert relationship counsellors.  Couple counselling or marriage counselling has proven effective in cases concerning trust, anger, infidelity, financial issues etc. Therefore, getting help from a non-partially trained and experienced relationship counsellor can be an excellent way to work things out.

While the Valentine’s Day was just around the corner, going the extra mile for the love of your life will be rewarding. If you wish to seek online couple counselling this month of love, try TalktoAngel’s couple counselling & therapy program which offers a flat 22% discount for online couple counselling and therapy. Additionally, enjoy the services of relationship consultancy from the comfort of your home at your comfortable time.


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