Its the Season of "Positivity & Joy"

Its the Season of "Positivity & Joy"

December 25 2020 TalktoAngel 0 comments 1055 Views

Is it Christmas already? Surely, time flies. This year, we’ve all been locked at our homes since March. We’ve lived lives in an unanticipated, uncomfortable and restrictive manner. While this wasn’t our choice, we can’t do much about it. However, it hasn’t been all that negative. In retrospect, we’ve invested more time and dedication in improving ourselves, learning new skills, relaxing a bit more and what not.

Christmas, Mental Health and the Pandemic

Around the time of holidays, we often start feeling the blues. We usually over burden ourselves on festivals, trying to achieve a work life balance. It would be a lie to say that all of it, in its enormity, doesn’t take a toll on our mental health. Even during festivals, while we’re busy, we mustn’t forget to take care of our mental health. We’ll talk more about it in the following sections.

This year, Christmas will be a little different due to the pandemic, but even amid the pandemic, Christmas gives us hope and love. The festival which comes just a week ahead of New Year, it brings mixed emotions and feelings. Depending upon life circumstances, some people feel happy and elated. On the other hand, many of us suffer from anxiety, depression, stress etc. We should certainly try to understand and work towards these complexities, preferably with the help of professional help. Not everyone believes in Santa, but we can be our own Santa and Santa to people around us.  Let’s find out how we can beat the blues, this Christmas.

On this Christmas, give the ‘Gift of Positivity’

Positivity and Optimism sound vague to us at time. However, Christmas is filled with hope and optimism. While Santa brings gifts, the festival brings a positive light in our lives. Optimism comes in handy when beating holiday blues, moments of self doubt, grief and helps us in being resilient. Let’s promise ourselves to adopt a positive outlook on live and develop resilience ahead of New Year and encourage our loved ones in doing so too.

On this Christmas, give the ‘Gift of Happiness’

Many a times, people find solace and meaning from the events that make them happy like birthdays, festivals and achievements. People work too hard to look for happiness instead of actually enjoying the moments. This Christmas, do not complicate things; let time take its course. While it may seem out of control but happiness doesn’t come from controlling events but rather accepting the flow and enjoying the little things. Try to give yourself and others the liberty to enjoy happiness in its simplicity.

On this Christmas, give the ‘Gift of Love’

One of the easiest on our list of gifts is love. Christmas brings love. Do not forget to share this love with your closed ones. It isn’t all that difficult and complicated. One can shower love through kind comments, forgiveness and gratitude. Also, do not forget to pamper yourself with self love.

On this Christmas, give the ‘Gift of Respect’

Self respect and respect for others defines us as individuals. Many a times, knowingly or unknowingly, we disrespect others and ourselves as well by undermining ourselves. Respect is crucial to having healthy intimate relationships, interpersonal as well as social relationships. One can show others respect and gain respect of others is being an active listener, have positive affirmations, be kind, polite and grateful.

On this Christmas, give the ‘Gift of Time’

While love is the easiest to gift and respect is important, the gift of time is the hardest to receive and the hardest to give. Sharing our time with someone through thick and thin is the defining element of relationships. The people we share our time with, are the important ones. Through the gift of time, we can heal someone, by just being there with our listening ears. With time, we can move from the negativity to the more positive side of our life. Through our time, we can create memories that lasts a lifetime and add meaning to our life.

This Christmas, amid the pandemic, do not forget to seek happiness, love, respect, optimism and do not be afraid to give these gifts too. Furthermore, if you’re struggling, do not hesitate to seek help. We at TalktoAngel with our online mental health services will be there to help you.


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