Understanding Lifestyle Management

Understanding Lifestyle Management

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What does the term ‘Lifestyle’ mean?

Lifestyle literally means ‘the way of life’. It interprets more about ‘how we live’ instead of ‘what we live in’. The interpretation of the word ‘Lifestyle’ is not restricted only towards expensive holidays, branded clothing or fancy dinners. A healthy lifestyle begins from the mind. Yes, it also includes the food we eat, what we drink, what we do and more importantly, what we don’t do. Let’s look at three most important factors to a healthy lifestyle and how you can achieve one.

1. Your Physical Well-Being

Eat a lot, but the right way!

Eating healthy and eating the right way is very important. A balanced healthy diet should not be compromised. Having a colorful plate full of fruits, vegetables, fiber and all the other essential nutrients is not only good for your physical health, but also your mental health.

Move that body, for yourself

There are numerous benefits of exercising. Remaining physically fit and being in shape is just the cherry on top. Exercising or any other physical activity releases endorphins, the feel good chemicals. It not only improves our mood, but also boosts our self esteem.  

Do not inhibit yourself, but limit drinking and smoking

All the good that you do for yourself may be countered by just one factor alone which is substance abuse. Substance abuse means overuse of alcohol, smoking or drugs. There is only a thin line of difference between substance abuse and addiction but both of them lead mostly to the same consequences.

Sleep, like a Log

A well rested person is more productive, healthier and a happier person. Most of us have been cutting our sleep hours since college. When we are sleep deprived, we are more likely to be obese, more vulnerable to psychological issues, be fatigued and feel tired all the time. Sleeplessness can also cause sleep disorders.

2. Your Mental Wellbeing

Increase life satisfaction, decrease your stress

Stress can be detrimental to our holistic wellbeing. It leads to the development of physical and psychological issues. In order to achieve a healthy lifestyle, one has to reduce stress in their life. It can be achieved through an optimum work-life balance. Another way is to prioritize relaxation to avoid burnout. 

Break up with your past, and commit to your present

We are not talking about your ex - partner, we’re talking about your mindless dwellings to the past. Living in the present is important for our mental fitness. If we are constantly thinking about the past or the future we are hampering our present’s performance, happiness and much more. 

Goal setting set achievable goals

In the hustle and bustle of life, we can not blame anyone for not living up to their dreams. However, we are responsible for the goals that we set for ourselves and how we achieve them. Setting achievable micro and macro goals provide us with a sense of purpose. Achieving those goals fill us with feelings of accomplishment which drives us further in a positive direction.

Speak, to a therapist

Taking care of your mental health can be confusing and overwhelming. Identifying the red flags is our own task, but dealing with our problems doesn’t have to be. Furthermore, therapists and counsellors make it easier for us to understand ourselves and our problems. Talking online counselling for mental health is the right step for your mental well being especially during the current time of social-distancing. Speak to a therapist today!

3. Your Personal and Social Life

Maintain, sure your shoe rack too but more importantly,  your relationships

Having healthy, satisfying social and intimate relationships provide us with a sense of belonging. It is a type of motivation which makes us care for people and seek care from others too. Research suggests that people who have healthier relationships lead healthier, happier lives. Having someone to count on and trust is surely a blessing. If you are having trouble in your relationships, try to find a way around them.

Take out time, yes for your family but for yourself too

Having your me-time every once in a while does not make you selfish. It's a great way to unwind, explore and understand you. It will also make you more aware about your needs and wants. Read the book you wanted to, take that dance class, do your origami, make time for yourself. You’re more likely to have better relationships with others if you have one with yourself first.

Not all of these things can be achieved at once. Try to make micro changes in your life and start slow. But the key to achieving a healthy lifestyle is being consistent with your own regime. Remember, you are doing it for yourself, so give it your best shot!


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