Understanding Relationships: Key Components to Healthier & Happier Relationships

Understanding Relationships: Key Components to Healthier & Happier Relationships

June 26 2021 TalktoAngel 0 comments 724 Views

“Relationships”, when invested in become an asset. Relationships play an important role on our mental health. Having a healthy relationship improves the psychological well-being, brings positivity in a person. Let’s understand the dynamics of relationships and ways to nurture them:

Communication is the ‘Key’:

Couples face problems, conflicts, misunderstanding every second day; communication is the key which helps them sail through everything easily. It also leads to greater understanding in partners and connection. It’s also a great way to know about your partner's life, what they're experiencing, and feeling. One important thing to keep in mind is being a good listener. This makes your significant other feel loved and cared for.

Mutual Trust and Respect:

Respect in relationships involves holding your partner in high regard, armoring them, complimenting them for their qualities. Trust is equally important. It means that you'll take your partner’s word as the truth. Some important components of trust in relationships include honesty and transparency.

Emotional Understanding:

Emotional understanding in relationships include understanding your own emotions as well as your partner's. Healthy emotional exchange fosters emotional and physical intimacy, communication. It also helps couples in avoiding conflicts. Experts suggest that low emotional understanding restricts growth, commitment and achievement of relationship milestones.

Physical Commitments:

Physical intimacy is driven by the biological needs of almost all animals and us humans are no exception. Studies reveal that couples who physically more intimate and indulge in acts of love are less likely to go through a separation or divorce. It makes us feel secure, warm and connected to our partner. Its also a way of expressing love for many who struggle with verbal expression and grand gestures.

Respect their Personal Space:

Every person is different and unique, so is your partner. From time to time, they might need time for self care and self love. Also, it’s wrong to assume that they'll spend every moment of theirs with you. Relationships are important parts of our lives, not our entire life. Also, when you respect their space and give them their personal time, it shows that you trust and respect them.

Mutual Give and Take:

Reciprocity is the key to all social relationships, but especially in intimate relationships. Make your needs clear and understand their needs. It’s important that both you and your partner fulfill each others' needs. In relationships we all make emotional investments, it’s crucial that both of you contribute equally.

Resolve Conflicts:

Conflict resolution is allows couples to get past complicated situations. It helps partners work on their issues together instead of getting wounded alone. One may even take recourse for professional help to resolve differences. Even being distance apart, one could nurture and resolve their difference with online counselling for relationships.

At TalktoAngel, we ensure that even being distance apart one could avail comfortable online counselling for relationships with TalktoAngel's "Couple Counselling Program."


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