What is Couple Counselling: Know the Benefits

What is Couple Counselling: Know the Benefits

February 08 2022 TalktoAngel 0 comments 1129 Views

This Valentine's month, seek couple counselling to overcome your relationship issues. Couple counselling involves you and your partner working on your relationship with an experienced relationship counsellor. It is meant for people of all spectrums, irrespective of age, faith, gender, sexual orientation and relationship status. While it may become difficult to seek help due to conflicting schedules of couples or even face difficulty to reach an experienced and trained couple counsellor physically. With online platforms providing online couple counselling, the process has become easier- reduced cost, time effectiveness and remoteness have made couple counselling more accessible, affordable and seamless.

What is Couple Counselling?

Couple counselling is a form of therapy designed for couples wanting to improve their relationship. It helps couples identify their conflicts such as mistrust, infidelity, intimacy adjustment issues. If your relationship feels like a task and you’re not as happy as you were, but you still love the person, relationship counselling can help to rebuild your connection. Be it physical intimacy, financial disagreements, future goals conflict, counselling will facilitate you and your partner to overcome these challenges. It is of different types depending on your relationship. Marriage counselling, family counselling, pre marriage counselling are some of the different types.

How can Couple Counselling help me?

Couple Counselling helps you in understanding your role in the relationship. It facilitates you in identifying unhealthy patterns, interpersonal differences and unreal expectations. Couple counselling is also used to address conflicting beliefs and values, different future goals, different physical needs as well as financial constraints. Couples who aren’t struggling with any issues can also seek couple counselling to deepen their understanding of each other and address their differences. It is essential for couples who have troubled relationships and have specific issues. It also helps in understanding the role of external stressors influencing your relationship. Benefits of couples counselling include reconciling with your partner, having a healthier relationship and growing together. 

Where can I seek Online Couple Counselling in India?

During these digital times there have been many online counselling platforms have come up in India. Selecting a reliable one can be overwhelming. Organisations like TalktoAngel provide secure, comfortable, solution oriented confidential online counselling help. TalktoAngel’s certified & trained relationship counselors are experts to provide couple counselling, at a flat discount of 22% for the entire month of February. To celebrate the month of love, all online couple counselling sessions will be priced at 22% off the usual value. You can select a relationship counsellor yourself by checking their qualifications, education and experience. Lastly, schedule a session as per your convenience & give your relationship a Second Chance with #TwotoTangowithTalktoAngel!


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