What is Online Marriage Counselling?

What is Online Marriage Counselling?

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Marriages are complex yet the most beautiful of all relationships. It is not uncommon for marriages to fall apart, but does this mean marital challenges cannot be overcome? Studies done on relationships have answered this question for us. Whether it is a fight, a disagreement, partners’ different goals or even cheating, there is always room for hope. Marriage counselling can be a resolution to your marital discord. Trained, experienced and trusted marriage counsellor can help you find a solution towards this marital discord. It is a guided way of improving your relationship with your spouse.   Instead of ignoring the early signs of conflict, addressing them as early as possible can have better relationship outcomes. It is even more important to address them while living with a child and / or a family because marital issues can have a severe impact on them.

 What are the signs that indicate a need for Marriage Counselling?

?  You experience frequent lack of communication or miscommunication.

?  A lot of quarrelling.

? Avoiding conversations or spending time together, excuses from commitments.

?  You try to prove your partner wrong.

?  There are secrets in your relationship.

?  You or your partner is having an affair.

?  Significant changes in your intimacy levels.

?  Lack of trust

?  Having unrealistic expectations from your partner.

Is Marriage Counselling Really Helpful?

Short answer: yes! Long answer: Couples therapy focuses on changing the way a couple interacts with each other. There is also focus on improving the emotional bond, love language and shared goals. Marriage counsellors help couples identify their issues and facilitate in developing an improvement plan. They facilitate effective communication among partners. With their clinical expertise, Marriage counsellor online help couples empathise with each other and understand each other.  Research suggests that couples counselling has a success rate of 75%. However, the same study also noted the successful cases were characterised by couples who were motivated to improve their relationship. Partners’ willingness to work on their relationship is an important factor in determining the success of marriage counselling.

Can I do Marriage Counselling Online?

Indeed! One of the good things to come out of a technically driven world is improved accessibility to healthcare. Like other mental health services, marriage counselling is also available online. Many clinics and practitioners today provide their services online. Online counselling platforms such as TalktoAngel offers marriage counselling online at affordable prices in the most confidential manner through its HIPPA compliant platform from its experienced marriage counsellor whose area of expertise is online marriage counselling. Do not hesitate to seek help, reach out to the best marriage counsellors near you.


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