Who is a Relationship Counsellor?

Who is a Relationship Counsellor?

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A relationship counsellor is a psychologist who specializes in couples’ issues. A relationship counsellor's role is facilitating couples to overcome their challenges and work on their relationships. They can help you address individual as well as couples' problems. They help in a wide range of issues such as marital problems, infidelity, different goals etc.

How to select the the "Best" Relationship Counsellor?

Selecting the right relationship counsellor online or offline can be difficult. The right way to select a counsellor is to first make sure of the qualifications. A relationship counsellor should have at least an M.A / MSc. degree in Psychology, Clinical Psychology or Counselling Psychology. Additionally, they can also have a diploma in couple counselling. Second you should check their availability, their fee and confirm whether it fits your budget. You should also check their experience, counselling reviews. These factors could help you narrow down your options to select the best relationship counsellor.

What is Relationship Counselling?

It is the counselling process, where a relationship counsellor shall listen to the couple, help them self-introspect the issue concerning their relationship and help them arrive or find a solution. Relationship counselling can help couples understand each other better and resolve differences through the help of experienced relationship counsellors in the most confidential manner.

With the technological advancement, one could avail relationship counselling from the best relationship counsellors in India.

Where can I find the Best Online Relationship Counsellor in India?

There are a number of online relationship counselling sites in India. One of the best relationship counselling could be received online through India’s best online counselling platform - TalktoAngel. You can easily find the best online relationship counsellor in India here. Relationship Counselling is one of the areas of expertise and they have qualified and experienced relationship counsellors. Relationship counselling at TalktoAngel could be availed by couples while being distant apart. Relationship counselling is provided for a 90 minutes online counselling through it’s own HIPPA compliant platform.


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