Factors affecting Mental Health & Productivity at Work Place

Work Life Balance

It is not easy to leave home and personal life behind when we step into office hours. Even while at work, our mind at times somewhere remains stuck at home, missing our loved ones or longing to be with them. This becomes a problem causing an emotional toll on us, and affecting work performance.

Appraisal Apprehension

Appreciation for work helps bring out the best. Awards, incentives, promotions at workplace helps boost confidence and maintains interest at work. We might feel demotivated or lack self-confidence when we don’t receive the appreciation for the efforts and hard work put in.

Job Security

Delivering the best at work is always our aim; but in the growing competitive environment we are at times live under the fear of being super powered. While aiming to deliver the best, we develop an inner anxiety of job insecurity and its financial after-effects.

Work from Home

“Work from Home” has become the new trend, and “Home” the new office address. Being confined to the ‘Home Lockdown’ for long has resulted in extension of working hours overlapping with personal time and causing stress and depression.

Advantages of Corporate Wellness Program

Work Quality

The Program though various verticals targets upon touching and understanding the areas of concerns at workplace. Aiming to reduce workplace stress, achieve work-life balance thereby improving overall work quality.

Better understanding between Employer & Employee

The services offered at the Corporate Wellness Program are aimed at bridging the psychological gap between the employees and employers. The program is designed giving an insight to the employers towards the concerned areas faced by the employees at work aiming at better productivity.

Work Management

The online counselling for workplace helps employees to self-introspect and develop upon methods towards achieving productivity work management.

Positive Outlook towards Working

The online counselling being a private & confidential discussion though our HIPPA compliant platform helps employees discuss the negative aspects and achieve a solution, feel better and develop positive attitude towards work.

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