5 Easy Ways to Handle "Anxiety" & "Depression" during the Pandemic

5 Easy Ways to Handle "Anxiety" & "Depression" during the Pandemic

The fear of falling sick, the trauma of lockdown, job loss and so many other things are the reason why people are suffering from anxiety attacks and depression. So, what do you do to manage this situation? Let’s find out.

Here are some tips that can help you manage your depression and anxiety during these bad times:

1. Remind Yourself this is "Temporary"

The world is indeed suffering from the pandemic for months now. Instead of drowning in depression, you should remind yourself that this is only a temporary phase that will not last forever. This will give you a ray of hope to look and imagine for future opportunities that may be in hold post the pandemic change. 

2. Make yourself productive during your free time

While being under a lockdown, one may have plenty of free time in hand. Instead of dwelling in evil thoughts all day, one should indulge in doing something productive. Make use of the time at home by investing time into hobbies like drawing, paniting, singing, cooking, dancing, or even learn a new hobby. This will help take the mind off bad things, and most importantly make you happy. 

3. Talk to your Loved Ones

Even if you can’t meet your loved ones, family and friends, make the efforts to talk to them over phone and video calling. The best thing to do is to connect over a video call and spend some 'virtual.quality time' This will make you feel happy and loved. It will take away the feeling of isolation which is one of the biggest causes of depression. You can talk to them every day to make yourself feel better. 

4. Spend Quality Time with your Family

While the lockdown has confined us to our homes, take this opportunity to spend more quality time with your family and loved ones. Indulge into activies like watching movies, playing board games or otheer indoor games and doing fun activities together with your family. This shall keep a positive and happy enviornment around by keeping stress, depression and anxiety at bay. 

5. Follow a Schedule

One should make a new routine for themselves and follow the same diligently. Make a list of 'To Do Things' you want to do in this lockdown and set goals for the week and month. Something like this will help you lead a healthy life even when you are locked down at home.

If you think you need help in fighting anxiety or depression during the pandemic and are unable to visit a psychologist near you, feel free to contact us and we will help you with online counselling for depression and anxiety - at any time, throguh any device, as per your comfort and convience. 


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