Battling Loneliness during Coronavirus

Battling Loneliness during Coronavirus

Studies have shown that, friendships are a key component for a long and happy life. So, while the crises have confined us to our homes, the technologies have attempted to connect us back to our friends and loves ones.

Don't let the lockdown make you feel lonely and sad, connect back with your loved ones, your long lost friends and relatives. Utilize this time to establish back the old connects.

1. Indulge into Virtual Hangout Sessions

This shall help you go down the memory lane and build positive thoughts. Express your feelings to them, tell them how much you miss being around. Letting out of your hidden emotions and feelings will help you feel better. 

2. Take initiatives or be a part of Online Community Gaming.

Be a part of online gaming, and interactive activities with your friends and family, this shall make you feel happy, lively and give dozens of memories to cherish even during such times. 

3. Form a Daily Routine 

Make a daily routine of your activities balancing between home chores and work (if you are undertaking work from home). This shall keep you occupied (both physically and mentally) thus, keeping negative thoughts away,

4Have a Positive Attitude

Positive attitude and atmosphere is important. So, irrespective you might be alone physically during the lockdown, but make yourself mentally and emotionally available with your dear ones.  

Life is full of ups and down, and it can come in different phases and forms. It is upto oneself to come out strong through them. While this lockdown may restrict you for a physical loneliness, it does not stop you from emotionally and mentally bonding.

5. Get Expert Help

We tend to feel various negative emotions when we see so much negativity around, and at times need an expert to guide us. Speak to a therapist online and get online counselling. This shall help you feel better by speaking your mind & heart out and try finding some solutions to tackle the negaitivity around.  

Also, check out our YouTube video to understand that, 

Happy You = Healthy You

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