Beating Anxiety concerning Job Security and Financial Stability

Beating Anxiety concerning Job Security and Financial Stability

It is ok to feel scared or worried, it is the normal human nature but, the trick lies in finding solution to your problem and the negative emotions. 

1. Stay away from Negativity 

During this time of negativity, the first and most important step is to control your anxiety and stop negativity by:

(i) staying away from too much of news bulletin, that causes a negative impact on your health; and

(ii) stay connected with people that matter to you. 

Even while you engage yourself with social media, news channels try looking at the positive aspects of news apart from the ongoing sadness and negativity.

While the lockdown would have locked us at home, it has also helped us see the humanity aspect in most of us. People have come forward to support the poor and needy during such time, extending a helping hand. Mother Nature has started to breath with more beauty and colors. Try focusing your attention towards such positive news and vibes. 

2. Study Your Finances

While you are subjected at home during this lockdown, use the time period to study and work on your finances. Make a list of your savings, investments, create a record of funds that may be required for any emergency. This step shall help you channelize your requirement and give clarity. 

3. Keep a Track of Jobs posted Online

In case you fear losing your job due to the after-effects of the pandemic, keep yourself updated with any job openings being made through different online job posting sites, and apply appropriately. 

4. Be Positive 

Adding sprinkle to all the efforts is "Positivity". If you are positive and determined about your goals, you shall achieve them one day. 

Take a glimpse of our "Little Fighter" conquering the biggest difficulty with "Positivity & Determination". 

 Positivity & Determination   

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