Caring for Our Corona Warriors

Caring for Our Corona Warriors

The past few months have been quite mentally exhausting for most of us, especially our "Health Care Workers", who tirelessly worked towards providing a safe and secure enviornment. As per the Indian Health Ministry, the battle against COVID-19 becomes long drawn, with the medical wokers becoming vulnerable to mental stress. Thus, in light of understanding the mental state of our "Health Workers", listed down below are some common causes of "Mental Stress" faced by them: 

1.  Strenuous Workload; 
2.  Fear of contacting COVID-19; 
3.  Facing scenes of uncountable deaths; 
4.  Separation from family and loves ones; 
5.  Lack of sleep and adequate rest; 
6.  Mental conflict of public duty v/s family duty; 

7. Lack of Information and communication; 
8. Excessively following of social media and news items concerning COVID-19. 

These psychological issues and disturbances may be connect to many pscyhosocial stressors in the wake of the ongoing pandemic. Hence, this calls for management stratergies being focused on mitigating the psychosocial stressors to the maximum extent possible. While it may be natrual to be mentally stressed while working effortlessly 24x7, it is equally important to give oneself the mental and physicial relaxation. Therefore, one must try crunching some time between their duty to adopt few of the below techniques to be physically & mentally fit: 

1. Meditate
During a small breaktime, just close your eyes to medidate and relax your mind. It shall help one gain some clamness and feel fresh.

2. Take small breaks to sit & relax
It is important to give the body some physical rest by sitting down or lying down. This shall make oneself feel relatively relaxed and fresh. 

3. Eat Well
During such high-rush working, it is utmost imporant to keep the body receive adequate fuel for working. For whatever limited break received eat nutriciously, eat food items which provide instant energy for long working hours. 

4. Be Positive: 
Mentally-read your affirmations, and always remember - "This difficult time shall also pass" . Positivity and Determination are always BIG FACTORS for any self - mental battle. 

5. Extending a Helping Hand

While our health care workers may be far away from family, but are still close to their "Work Family". As colleagues, make it a moral responsibility especially during such tough times, to provide mental health support. "Listen" to what your co-workers wish to communicate, let them speak their heart out; do not immediately suggest solutions, ask and understand the situation first. Indulge into light and fun based coversations to ligthen the mood and environment.  

6. Talk to an Expert 

While our frontline workers help us fight the pandemic, they also suffer from the grief and trauma seeing death and plight around them. Hence, to continue to hep India fight against the novel virus, our warriros need to stay strong and mentally fit. Seeking Online counselling with trusted psychologist throguh a confidential platform shall help them speak and share their feelings for staying mentally strong during these tough times at the frontline. 

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