Mindful Parenting Tips

Mindful Parenting Tips

While the pandemic has caused even schools to shut, it has lead for parents to teach, inculcate their children with knowledge and learning (be it of a curriculum or day to day life). As parents, it is important to help our kids understand the current crises.

1. Involve them in Household Chores

Utilize this time to teach the kids basic household chores. Explain them the value of cleanliness, the importance of clean and green surroundings especially during the ongoing health crises. Involve them in helping you complete your home task, this shall teach them the feature about "Helping Others"

2. Maintain Patience as a Parent

While it can get difficult to manage household work, work from home and kids simultaneously, it is important to keep patience with kids during this time. It is crucial to know that while you are subjected to this house-arrest, so are the kids. The lockdown has taken away their playground time, interaction and playtime with friends, resulting into the house becoming a playground, thus causing them to become cranky and irritable. 

3. Be a part in their Playtime 

One big thing the lockdown has taken away from the kids is - their outdoor playtime.  As growing children, playtime, running around is important for the physical and mental growth of the children. Therefore during this deprivation, try providing some type of physical activity/game for the children. This shall help them keep occupied, happy and help them not miss their outdoor playing. 

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