Overcoming Grief During the Pandemic Time

Overcoming Grief During the Pandemic Time

Grief is our response to a profound loss. Unlike what is commonly believed, it not only arises from the death of a loved person but can also be caused by the loss of a pet, a thing we hold personal or anything that is special to us. It usually causes intense feelings of sorrow.

Processing grief is important for every individual. If we do not grieve for our loss, we may be stuck over the past and never really be able to move on. Furthermore, it might have a negative impact on our present and future relationships. It also impacts our emotional regulation and cause blunt effect for a prolonged period of time.

Grief and the Pandemic

COVID -19 has brought with itself end number of struggles, but the most horrifying is the loss of a loved one. Grief in the time of COVID-19 is not only associated with the loss of a loved one but also with the fear and anxiety of losing someone. While the pandemic has already limited human contact, the comfort we sought from our friends and family during typical mourning, is no more.

Mourners who have lost a loved one due to COVID -19, and aren't able to process the loss may be vulnerable to mental health issues. Grief researchers have revealed that these individuals may be more susceptible to develop grief disorder or persistent bereavement disorder.

Ways to overcome from Grief:

1. Accepting of Loss

Going through the process of grieving is healthier and important for a person's personal growth rather than avoiding it. The first step is to identify your grief. It is normal for us to take some time to process the loss. In due times, the burden and the feelings of loneliness may start to subside. Accepting the loss lets your mind to prepare to move on.

2. Communicate and Connect

Often, while grieving, it gets difficult to talk to people. However, keeping in contact with friends and family is crucial. Being connect to our loved ones provides us with support that is crucial during the time of bereavement.

3. Go for Therapy

Coping with grief is overwhelming. The feelings associated with it are often deeply personal. We might find it difficult to communicate about them to anyone, even our loved ones. Therapy can help you to heal and reach acceptance of the loss which is crucial to moving on from grief. You should seek help of a mental health practitioner, as it may help to find solution to make you feel better for the loss.

4. Join a Covid Grief support group

Along with therapy, you can also join a Covid-19 grief support group. We suggest this because it will provide you with a sense of comfort. The comfort comes from the fact that you can connect with people who have gone through something similar.

Can Online Counselling help you?

According to growing research, online therapy has been proven as effective as conventional therapy in cases of anxiety, depression and various other psychological problems. Furthermore, during the COVID- 19 period online counselling has proved to be an important intervention in all walks of healthcare. There are certain benefits of online therapy. For example, the cost and time of travelling is eliminated, the geographical restrictions are eliminated, you can gain access to the therapist you desire at your fingertips.


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