Work from Home during Lockdown

Work from Home during Lockdown

Working from home at times could be really challenging. In the midst of fulfilling one task to its fullest (be at work or home), we end up ignoring the other responsibility or even people. 

Take cue from the following tips for your "Work from Home" during this lockdown. 

1. Maintain a Routine 

The most important aspect for this "Work From Home" trend is to try fixing a routine and schedule to complete all tasks both at work and home to the maximum, and keep oneself healthy. As we all have been under lockdown for most of the times, it is important to keep oneself busy and thus away from negativity. 

2. Let people around you that you are at Work

You might be required to attend an office call or complete a deadline. Let people around you know, that these are the specific times you would be involved in your office work, and thus expect no disturbance to complete your time bound task.

This type of announcement shall help you purely concentrate on work, and finish it as per required deadline.

3. Take regular Intervals of Break between Work. 

 "No Play and only Work, makes Jack a Dull Boy"

It is important for your physical and mental health to have regular intervals and relaxation between work. This shall make you feel refreshed and help you get back to the next assignment with a fresh mind. Being confined to one place for long can take a toll on your mental health and well being, therefore it is important that you strike a balance between work and play while continuing Work from Home routine during the lockdown. 

4. All Work, but less pay! 

The most crucial incentive everyone works for is -pay. The pandemic has affected different industries and sectors worldwide thus, causing severe financial crunch. While most people are undertaking "Work from Home" and managing both work and household chores, the compensation for the same seems to be on a lesser side. The expectation being made from an employer for delivery of quality work has increased the work load than more, leading to physical and mental stress. Therefore, in such difficult times to manage both work and home and self-guarantee job security, one is compelled to agree for the work deadlines set by the employer. So, while you are at it and trying to give your best, don't let your physical and mental health suffer.  

5. Talk to an Expert

It's always important and helpful to take guidance. Talk about workplace stress to a trained online counsellor. Get yourself a workplace online counselling in the comfort of your home and speak to a therapist about the stress and depression caused due to the 'Work from home' trend. 


Work from Home Tips during Lockdown

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