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Inflammation of one, many, or all of the joints is referred to as arthritis. Due to the changing lifestyle in the modern period, this condition is also being noticed in young people. It often affects the e...



A term for illnesses in which unusual cells can assault nearby tissues by segregating uncontrollably. Additionally, disease cells can move to various body regions via the blood and lymphatic systems. Malig...



Diabetes happens when your cells are unable to absorb and utilize the glucose (sugar) that your body uses as energy. As a result, your bloodstream begins to store more sugar. If diabetes is not managed, it...

Heart disease

Heart disease

Several disorders come under heart disease. Heart diseases usually begin with trouble breathing and restlessness and can further worsen. Heart conditions comprise of: A birth defect (congenital heart defec...



Osteoporosis causes the bones to become less thick and more brittle. If someone has osteoporosis, they run the risk of breaking a bone if they have a minor accident or fall. Osteoporosis can be controlled...



When the flow of blood to a portion of the brain is disrupted, a stroke effects. The brain cells begin to die within minutes because the blood is unable to provide them with the oxygen and nutrients they r...

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any signs of arthritis, such as pain, swelling, or stiffness, in or around one or more of your joints, consult your orthopedic specialist. The distress of having arthritis can be overwhelming for you and can trigger negative emotions. Seeking help from the best psychologist in India can help address mental health concerns.
Typically, a patient's medical history, X-rays, physical examination, and blood tests are used to diagnose arthritis. It is possible to experience multiple forms of arthritis concurrently. There are numerous types of arthritis, and identifying the one you have might help your online counsellor choose the most effective course of action. The earlier you become aware of your arthritis, the sooner you may begin treating it, lessening your discomfort, and altering your lifestyle.
Effective arthritis management can help you by:
  • Lessen the pain by using analgesic
  • Increase performance through regular exercise.
  • Remain active by doing physical movements.
  • Self-management by doing daily activities and engaging to maintain your health and your condition. Use tried-and-tested self-management techniques to lessen arthritis pain so that you may continue with the things you value.

Consult the best geriatric counsellor at TalktoAngel to manage symptoms of arthritis, and have regular consultations with physiotherapists and orthpaedicians.

The most common Cancers in Older Adults are-
  • Breast cancer
  • Lung cancer
  • Uterine cancer
  • Prostate Cancer
Cancer patients experience stress during the diagnosis, treatment, cancer recurrence, and side effects. To address mental health issues, it is advisable that you seek online counselling from the best geriatric counsellor. Online geriatric counselling can be beneficial for older adults who are going through cancer patients and need help addressing their mental health challenges.
Although there is currently no cure for cancer, early detection, and treatment can greatly enhance a patient's prognosis. Melanoma, Hodgkin lymphoma, as well as breast, prostate, testicular, cervical, and thyroid cancer, have the best 5-year relative survival rates among all cancers. Trust your management of cancer and the psychological issues you might have in the care of the best online psycho-oncologists or online counsellor at TalktoAngel.
Diabetes must be controlled since it can eventually result in major health issues like heart disease, stroke, eye problems, kidney disease, and nerve damage that could result in amputation. Additionally, type 2 diabetics may be more susceptible to cancer and Alzheimer's disease. People with diabetes are more likely to develop mental health issues, such as depression, stress, and anxiety. In such cases, seeking immediate help from the best psychologist in India can be of great assistance.
Although there is no known cure for type 2 diabetes, some people may be able to reverse it, according to research. By changing your diet and losing weight, you might be able to achieve and maintain normal blood sugar levels without using medication. This does not mean that you are healed completely. Type 2 diabetes is a life-long condition.
Older persons with diabetes may experience mild to severe symptoms. They include increased urination and thirst, fatigue, and blurred vision. Speak to your doctor if you experience any of these diabetic warning signs. Early diabetes detection can help avoid significant complications in the future.

Having diabetes comes with stress and concerns that can have an impact on your mental health. Talk to the best geriatric counsellor at TalktoAngel today.
Osteoporosis patients might not exhibit any symptoms. Some people may experience pain in their backs, as well as in their bones and muscles. In some cases, a collapsed vertebra can result in excruciating pain, a loss of height, or a spinal deformity. The signs of osteoporosis can resemble those of other conditions affecting the bones or other health issues. Osteoporosis can also have a negative psychological impact and result in feelings of anxiety or despair in addition to having a detrimental impact on your physical, social, and economical well-being. Seek online consultation from the best psychologist in India to manage your mental health concerns.
Although bone regrowth may be possible in some circumstances, osteoporosis is not completely curable. When a person begins losing bone density more quickly than their bone tissue can expand, more fragile bones result. It might not be possible to grow back all of the lost bone once this process begins.
Osteoporosis and acoustic sleep frequently don't go hand in hand because sleeping can put pressure on the bones, which can lead to pain and weakened bones.

Pain that can be felt at night and other times during the day can result from all that damage and subsequent fractures.

Along with poor sleep, one might face other stressors and concerns that can have an impact on mental health. Talk to the best geriatric counsellor at TalktoAngel today.
Weakness, paralysis, and coordination or balance issues. Burning and tingling feelings, numbness, or pain. fatigue, which can persist once you get home. Neglect of one side of the body; in extreme situations, one might not even be aware of their arm or leg. Survivors of stroke can also go through emotional and behavioral changes. In such cases, seeking online geriatric counselling from the best psychologist in India would be advisable.
In actuality, people who are hospitalized during or after a stroke make up 66% of the population. After a stroke, recovery typically requires six to twelve months of intensive rehabilitation.
A stroke's primary risk factor is high blood pressure. When the blood pressure in your arteries and other blood vessels is too high, it happens. The majority of the time, elevated blood pressure has no symptoms. Check your blood pressure frequently. Other stressors and concerns may tag along with the stroke that can have an impact on your mental health. Talk to the best geriatric counsellor and seek online geriatric counselling at TalktoAngel today.
Some early signs of heart disease in elderly people are:

  • Pain and numbness in shoulders, arms, neck, jaw
  • Chest pain due to physical activity
  • Dizziness, headaches
  • Cold sweats
  • Shortness of breath
Heart disease symptoms may be different for elderly men and women. More often, elderly women experience less recognizable symptoms like shortness of breath, dizziness, fainting, pain, or discomfort in the body. Both elder men and women have to address their anxiety and depression as they are two mental health problems that might raise your risk of heart disease. Seek online geriatric counselling from the best psychologist in India, if you feel that you are going through a sadness or a depressive phase in your life.
Increasing age and a family history of heart disease are the non-modifiable risks associated with heart disease. Though, eating healthy, not smoking, healthy blood sugar levels and cholesterol can reduce the risk of heart disease. The risk of having stress and concerns that can have an impact on your mental health, increases. Talk to the best geriatric counsellor at TalktoAngel today.