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Elder neglect

Elder neglect

Failure to carry out a caring duty. More than half of all cases of elder abuse that have been documented involve this. Depending on variables like ignorance or denial that an old person needs as much care...

Elder self-neglect

Elder self-neglect

Self-neglect is among the most prevalent types of elder maltreatment that geriatric care managers run against. An older adult may no longer be able to execute necessary self-care due to physical, mental, o...

Emotional elder abuse

Emotional elder abuse

Using methods to treat an elderly person that results in emotional or psychological suffering or anguish, such as: Threatening or shouting to intimidate; mockery and humiliation; habitual victimising or bl...

Financial exploitation

Financial exploitation

Whether it's a family member or an outside scam artist, misusing an elderly person's assets is unacceptable. Unreliable caregivers could:Steal money, paychecks, or furniture; Make a fake signature of the e...

Healthcare Fraud and Abuse

Healthcare Fraud and Abuse

Carried out by unethical healthcare workers, such as nurses, hospital staff, and other healthcare workers. This might includeCharging for healthcare rather than giving it.Medical care or services are ove...

Physical elder abuse

Physical elder abuse

The unintentional or intentional application of force to an aged person that results in discomfort, harm, or incapacity. Inappropriate use of medicines, restrictions, or imprisonment are also examples of p...

Sexual elder abuse

Sexual elder abuse

Physical contact was made without the old person's consent. Sexual elder abuse includes not just actual sex acts but also behaviors like viewing pornographic material with an elderly person, making them wi...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Physical abuse in the elderly encompasses acts like hitting, kicking, pushing, slapping, and burning. These acts can cause physical injury, damage to personality, functional impairment, distress, or in some cases death when there is the purposeful use of physical force. Seek help from a professional, clinical psychologist through in-person consultation or online counselling and frame a safety plan.
Functional disability and dependence, poor physical or mental health, cognitive impairment, and low income are all individual-level factors that raise the likelihood of being a victim of abuse. Mental illness, substance abuse, and a perpetrator's dependence (often financial) on the victim are individual-level traits that raise the chance of becoming an abuser.
Prevention of physical abuse depends on educating seniors, experts, care providers, and the general public. On a personal level, one can look after their health by raising their voice. Handle health care decisions with a power of attorney or a living. It will prevent confusion and family issues. Keep in touch with friends and family and participate in community activities. As social isolation has been linked to elder abuse, this will lessen it. To address issues with drugs, alcohol, and depression, seek professional assistance from the best psychologist in India and encourage family members to do the same. 
Emotional or psychological abuse is any verbal or nonverbal conduct that causes an older adult anxiety, fear, or mental suffering. Embarrassment or disrespect, verbal and nonverbal threats, harassment, and social or interpersonal isolation are a few examples. Finding an online geriatric counsellor is a simple and cost-effective way to assist elderly victims of emotional abuse. Best online counsellors can help elderly people who are at risk and help them to deal with stress and trauma.
Both ladies and men abuse senior citizens. More frequently than in any other category, abusers are members of the family. When state data about elderly and vulnerable individuals are merged, it appears that spouses are the most frequently accused of abusing family members. For a number of years, data suggested that adult children were the most frequent offenders of family member abuse. In the end, elder emotional abuse is a family problem and it could be addressed with family counselling. Seek help from the best geriatric counsellor to know more.
Teach oneself and educate others on how to spot and report emotional elder abuse. Try engaging in some soothing, revitalizing outdoor activities, such as taking a walk around the park or relaxing in a garden. Taking up old interests or stepping beyond your comfort bubble to find new interests. Keep in touch with elderly people, socialize or join a social cause. One of the best things you can do for yourself and your body is through lifestyle management by eating a healthy, balanced diet. Keep yourself in constant touch with an online geriatric counsellor at TalktoAngel for mental health support.
Any forceful or uninvited sexual contact with an older adult is elder sexual abuse. This could involve intrusive sex, penetration, or non-contact behavior like sexual harassment, inappropriate touch, or molestation. Any sexual interaction with an elderly person who cannot express their disapproval of the behavior towards them or their disagreement with the activity due to mental illness or any other reason can be considered elder sexual abuse. To take care of your mental health and cope with the trauma of sexual abuse, connect with the top psychologist in India at TalktoAngel.
Members of the family or other nursing care staff members should notify the police if there is any reason to believe that an elder has been sexually abused. You could want legal assistance if a loved one or someone you care for is displaying indicators of abuse or neglect. Visit (NCW) helplines to get assistance, or report the incident to the local police station.
Sexual abuse affects individuals for a long time who have experienced sexual trauma. People who have experienced abuse can think about online counselling to help themselves heal and move forward in life. As a caring individual, you can help sexual abuse victims get online therapy and deal with the aftereffects of the abuse in a way that is convenient for them.
Here are some indicators that you or a loved one may be the subject of a scam:

  • You or a loved one learns of a lottery jackpot or award that must be claimed only after paying any particular amount or fees.
  • A caller requests the details of your or your loved one's bank account or instructs them to send money using a gift card, wire transfer, or cryptocurrency, to reap extra benefits.
  • A caller requests details such as a UID, PAN number, or account number while posing as a representative of a government agency, bank, or other company.
Anyone can take advantage of an elderly person financially, but there are typically three groups: friends and relatives, nursing facility personnel and attendants, and strangers. Financial fraud can happen if a relative believes they are entitled to the senior's assets or if the senior wishes to reward their successors or caretakers. An elderly person may be the victim of financial exploitation as they have to frequently rely on nursing assistants or attendants for their daily activities. Fake magazine memberships, donations to fictitious charities, and prize scams are the most typical ways that strangers use to take advantage of you financially. Seniors who use telemarketing or remote purchasing are more likely to fall victim to a financial scam. Talk with your loved one or an online geriatric counsellor if you suspect you are financially abused.
If you are in India, as per RBI guidelines, you must inform your bank right away if someone has improperly taken money out of your account. Remember to get your bank's acknowledgment when you inform the bank. Within 90 days of receiving your complaint, the bank must respond. If the transaction occurs as a result of your carelessness, such as disclosing your password, PIN, OTP, etc., you will be responsible for the loss up until the point at which you notify your bank. Your bank will need to pay back those sums if the fraudulent transactions continue even after you've contacted the bank. Your loss might worsen if you delay reporting it.
Ensure that your personal records, both legal and financial, are in order. If they aren't, seek expert assistance to get them organized, possibly with the aid of a reliable friend or relative. Stay in touch with loved ones and friends to prevent isolation. Speak up if you're not satisfied with the care you're getting, whether it's at home or at a care facility. Inform a trusted person or talk to the elder care provider or an online counsellor.
Due to their increased social isolation and lack of employment, older persons are more likely to experience abuse that goes unreported for an extended period of time. Do not be reluctant to report an instance of elder abuse or neglect if you see it happening. Additionally, you can contact their loved ones or report them if you notice any instances of elder neglect. Take a record of the action if it happens. The likelihood that the elderly person will receive the level of care they require will increase with the amount of information you can provide. For more help, consult a geriatric counsellor.
Psychotherapies can help elderly people who are at risk to deal with stress and trauma. Psychotherapy sessions for elders are offered in individual, family, and group settings and can assist neglect victims in overcoming feelings of denial or guilt, gaining important knowledge about the issue, and strengthening their social support systems. Psychotherapy can also help those who mistreat others. For instance, through online counselling sessions, an abusive caregiver may acquire healthy coping mechanisms and techniques to deal with underlying mental health issues like anxiety or depression.
If an elderly person is neglecting himself, keep in touch with them even if they decline your assistance. Encourage others to let them know how they feel. Seek help from support providers like a geriatric counsellor or care manager, who stand a better chance to hear your concerns. Ensure that the elderly person has access to medical services. If at all feasible, talk to the elder's physician about your worries, as self-neglect can have medical causes. Consult the best psychologist in India, if you think you need to discuss the mental health issues of an elderly person.
When a carer doesn't make an effort to meet the requirements of the senior, it is not considered to be self-neglect. This could involve denying the need for food, medicine, or healthy living condition, as well as not meeting one's bodily, emotional, and social needs. Underlying issues for self-neglect can be many. Seek help from a geriatric counsellor to know more about elderly self-neglect or motivate the elder person to seek help from an online counsellor.
Helping the elderly with self-neglect can be difficult. The majority of those who have this behavior reject assistance, even from loved ones and close acquaintances. The elder who self-neglect frequently take a long time to diagnose and cure due to their propensity for social anxiety and isolation. Caregivers must assist the elder person by contacting the trusted loved one, people who care about elder health, or any social support, but any action must be handled delicately. You can also contact mental health professionals, online psychologists, or "online psychiatrists near me".
The distinction between healthcare fraud and healthcare abuse is frequently unclear. Here is the distinction:
  • Healthcare fraud is the illegal payment or reimbursement made by a fraudulent medical organization and involves the purposeful misrepresentation or fabrication of services that are known to an individual or organisation to be untrue.
  • Healthcare abuses are instances or behaviors that deviate from standard medical practice and genuine medical procedures.
Whether healthcare fraud or abuse, they both induce stress, anxiety, and depression in the victim and their family. To manage such symptoms, you can always seek online consultation just by searching "psychologist near me".
investigative diligence can reveal shady policyholders and deceptive insurance schemes. Since it is impractical to audit every claim, a more practical strategy is to shortlist claims that exhibit questionable behaviour and then audit them. Additionally, over time, fraudulent claims frequently leave behind trends that are simple to spot using predictive algorithms. Know more about healthcare fraud by speaking with a geriatric counsellor or an expert auditor.

It has been recognised that being affected by a scandal has psychological and emotional repercussions on the victims. Additional research on victims of financial health scheme fraud has found significant levels of anxiety, sadness, and health issues. You can get rid of these unpleasant feelings by seeking support from a dependable family member or friend. And if you're having trouble controlling your thoughts or emotions, speak with an online therapist or do a search for the top "psychologist near me."