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Cohabitation in later life has a distinct meaning or aim. Cohabitation serves as a long-term substitute for marriage among elderly persons. Even though older cohabiters are less likely to indicate plans to...

Family relationship in old age

Family relationship in old age

Consideration of the social value of ageing has become necessary as efforts to integrate the elderly into society, improve their functionality, and improve their quality of life have gained major importanc...

LGBTQ+ Elders

LGBTQ+ Elders

LGBTQ+ senior people are more likely than heterosexual older people to live alone, be single, and have fewer children, which raises questions regarding social isolation. These variables can all be made wor...

Marriage and Divorce

Marriage and Divorce

Marriage becomes much more crucial in people's lives as they get older. They frequently lose the social network that might help ease some of the pressures at home when they retire. Similar to how grown kid...



One of the most upsetting events in life is the death of a spouse. Men who lose their wives experience particular hardship. Grieving might be more challenging for widowers since they frequently lack a netw...

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Charles Dickens

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Louisa May Alcott

Swedish Proverb

“Fear less, hope more, eat less, chew more, whine less, breathe more, talk less, say more, hate less, love more, and good things will be yours.”

Swedish Proverb

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Dan Millman

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Fred Rogers

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Alexandra Penney

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“Remember: the time you feel lonely is the time you most need to be by yourself. Life's cruelest irony.”

Douglas Coupland

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Paulo Coelho

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, with changing times, more divorces are occurring at an older age, this is referred to as, "Gray divorce". Even at an older age, if people feel that they do not have a fulfilling marriage, they may decide to separate. With women being financially independent, they may choose to move out of an unsatisfying marriage which they were earlier afraid to do, due to being financially dependent.
Yes, the elderly undergo remarriage after the divorce or death of their spouse due to the anxiety of being alone. With enough social support and without the fear of being judged, they may choose to get married at an older age.
The family dynamics may change due to an additional member. Other members may find it hard to adjust to someone new or may find the idea of an older adult getting remarried bizarre. Some may fear that the deceased family member will get replaced when a new member enters.

This can be a stressful time for the entire family, to get the best family therapy, consult the best online counsellors at TalktoAngel
Due to the longer life expectancy of women, they tend to live longer and lose their male spouses when they age. Due to this reason, women are more likely to experience widowhood than men.
No matter the gender of the aggrieved online counselling is there to help you.
Loneliness is commonly experienced due to the loss of a spouse. Widowers may specifically experience difficulties in dealing with their day-to-day tasks because they used to be dependent on their female spouses.
The elderly should be given time to grieve, the friends and family members can visit them frequently to give them company. Bereavement Counselling can prove to be effective to help widows and widowers. For the best online counselling for the elderly, visit TalktoAngel
Older people are more likely to suffer loneliness and social isolation because they are more likely to encounter problems including losing loved ones, living alone, having a chronic illness, and hearing loss.No matter how much social interaction there is, loneliness is the sensation of being alone. When you want to support or want to speak with someone about your loneliness, your emotions, or any other mental health issue, online geriatric counselling may be very helpful.
Studies indicate that elderly women experience isolation and deep loneliness more frequently than older men. Although, older men also experience isolation and loneliness, older women report it in higher numbers.
Bereavement, widowhood, retirement, loss of sensory and motor abilities, poor health, living with a mental health condition, living in residential homes, living alone, separation from partner, losing friends to age are the risk factors associated with loneliness in elderly.
For best bereavement Counselling for elderly, visit TalktoAngel.
As people age, they begin to be dependent on their children, they feel a sense of loss of control and may feel embarrassed to ask for assistance to meet their daily tasks.
To deal with these emotions one should consult the best psychologist in India
Family is the first social institution for the elderly. Family members need to be supportive, loving, and assuring and show interest in the elderly. A supportive family environment can help the elderly age healthily.
Along with this, the family members should seek online consultation with the geriatric counsellor and online family therapist.
Yes, caring for the elderly and seeing the house elders age and become dependent can be difficult for the family members. Amidst caring for the elderly, family members must ensure to take care of themselves too. Caregivers of the elderly with chronic illness need to take regular online therapy to cope with stressful situations. For the best online therapists and online counselling services, visit TalktoAngel.
No, elder abuse refers to any act that harms or distresses the elderly. It can be physical, psychological, emotional and even sexual in nature.
Some examples of elder abuse are financial exploration, neglect of the Elderly, taunting them for being dependent, physically kicking, hurting or assaulting them, not giving them good, medicines or any treatment.
The elderly can file a legal report against the abuse. If they are not in a state to do so themselves, they can seek support from neighbours or other family members by informing them about the same. Post the abuse, the Elderly suffer a great deal and need therapy, for the best Geriatric Counselling, visit TalktoAngel
LGBTQ elderly are likely to feel more isolated than heterosexual older people because they may not be married, live one, do not have children, or are left alone because of the stigma associated with the community.
The caregivers need to be open, accepting, and aware of their needs, not be hostile towards the elderly, and be welcoming towards them, rather than viewing them in the light of the stigma associated with the community.
Yes, online counsellors can help the elderly be aware of and accept their sexual orientation, help them come out in the open if they wish to, help them cope with the anxiety caused due to their sexual orientation, and offer support. For the best online counselling services for the elderly, visit TalktoAngel
Cohabitation serves as a long-term substitute for marriage among elderly persons. Even though older cohabiters are less likely to indicate plans to get married, their relationships are more stable and of higher quality than those of younger cohabiters. cohabitation in older life tends to be quite steady, lasting on average for almost ten years.

To find out if cohabitation is the right choice for the elderly one should seek online counselling with the best relationship counsellor and online therapist
If the partner abuses the elderly, they may not get enough support from friends and family. They may face difficulties in their financial, physical, and social well-being. In such cases, one should seek the help of an online therapist and geriatric counsellor.
If both couples are cooperative, cohabitation can save them from the trauma of feeling lonely in old age. Studies suggest that cohabitation in old age is much more stable than that in younger age.

To find out if cohabitation is the right choice for the elderly, one should seek the help of a geriatric counsellor.