Alzheimer's disease is a brain condition that gradually reduces a person's capacity for thought, memory, and even doing the most elementary tasks. The majority of people who suffer late-onset symptoms do so by the middle of their 60s. Ages 30 to 60 are affected by early-onset Alzheimer's disease. The most typical cause of dementia in elderly adults is Alzheimer's disease. You can consult with the best clinical psychologist in India to know more.


Alzheimer's disease symptoms may also experience one or more of the following problems:

  • Memory loss that affects day-to-day activities,
  • Constantly asking the same questions or
  • Becoming lost in a familiar environment
  • Financial and bill-paying difficulties.
  • Accomplishing ordinary tasks at work, home, or in leisure is difficult.
  • Diminished or poor judgment.
  • Not being able to go back and retrieve lost items.


Like other types of dementia, Alzheimer's is caused by the death of brain cells.

  • Since the condition is neurodegenerative, the death of brain cells takes place gradually.
  • In an individual with Alzheimer's disease, the brain tissue has a decreasing number of nerve cells and connections, and small deposits known as plaques and tangles accumulate on the nerve tissue.
  • Plaques develop between the dying brain cells. and cause the Alzheimer


Alzheimer's disease currently has no known treatment. Once brain cells have passed away, they cannot be revived.

Treatments can lessen its symptoms and improve the quality of life for the patient, their family, and carers.

These are crucial components of dementia care:

  • Efficient management of any illnesses that coexist with activities and
  • Daycare programmes for Alzheimer's patients
  • Participation in support services and groups
  • Behavioural change through drugs and online therapy.

Frequently Asked Questions

After diagnosis, an individual with Alzheimer's typically lives four to eight years, but under certain conditions, they may live up to 20 years. Alzheimer's-related changes in the brain begin years before any symptoms of the condition manifest. Online psychiatric consultation can aid in evaluating and managing Alzheimer's symptoms.
As Alzheimer's progresses, memory loss and other cognitive issues get worse. Wandering and getting lost can be a problem, as can struggling to manage money and pay bills, asking the same questions over and over, taking longer to complete daily tasks, and altering their personality and behaviour. If you are observing the above symptoms you should consider seeking consultation from an online psychiatrist or the best psychiatrist in India.
The illness that causes dementia gradually spreads to different regions of the brain. As a result, more of the brain is impaired, which causes greater symptoms. At the same time, parts of the brain that are already injured are further harmed, making the symptoms the individual already has worse. Online psychiatrists are uniquely trained to evaluate such situations and guide the client for appropriate interventions.

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