Resentment or despondency are the main emotions displayed during this period. Grief-related anger is rarely exhibited in violent emotional outbursts. Instead, you'll see that they always seem disturbed. They will be angry at those close to them because they are wounded and upset.

Signs and Symptoms

  • Lashing out on small mistakes
  • Feeling out of control
  • Excessive anger toward a specific person or event
  • Constant agitation


  • Give them room to air their feelings.
  • Recognize that the anger they're expressing is typically not reasonable but rather a normal psychological reaction to the pain they're going through.
  • Patience is essential at this point.
  • With time, this behaviour will change.

How Online Counselling can be helpful?

Online talking therapy and online counselling entail discussing your issues with a qualified professional (such as an online counsellor or psychotherapist) who can assist you in examining the reasons behind your anger and developing coping mechanisms. This can assist you in processing your emotions and enhancing how you react in heated situations.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Giving the person time is one way to support an elderly person going through a difficult period.
  • Highlighting emotional changes in behaviour or indicators of melancholy.
  • Being present with the other. Discussing the loss Keeping an eye out for indications of drawn-out grief or depression.
Intense emotional pain (such as sadness, guilt, or anger) is another common symptom of the disorder. Other symptoms include difficulty accepting the death, emotional numbness, a sense of having lost a piece of themselves, an inability to experience a positive mood, and difficulty participating in social activities.
Keep in mind that grief often includes natural rage. Suppressing or swallowing sensations makes it more difficult to cope and go on. Expressing your thoughts and feelings, including your anger and other emotions, makes you stronger and improves your ability to manage.

To facilitate a healthy grieving process for an aged person consider online geriatric counselling with a geriatric counsellor having expertise in elder care.

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