Chronic Kidney Disorders

Kidney ailments or disorders impair the kidneys' capacity to properly filter blood. As a result, extra fluid and blood waste accumulate in the body, potentially leading to more health problems such as heart disease and stroke.

Other negative health effects of CKD include:

  • Red blood cell deficiency, or anemia
  • A rise in the number of infections
  • A decrease in appetite or eating was observed when blood calcium, potassium, and phosphorus levels were found to be low.
  • Poor performance or depression


Early onset of CKD cases may go on for a time without showing any symptoms. People may, still, observe that they are;

  • Less energizing and exhausting,
  • Have difficulty concentrating,
  • Don't feel like eating,
  • Can't sleep,
  • Have nighttime muscle cramps,
  • Swollen feet and ankles,
  • Swollen eyes, especially in the morning,
  • Have rough, dry skin,
  • More frequent urination is required, especially at night.


Chronic kidney disease appears when a condition or illness compromises kidney function. The kidney damage progressively worsens over several months or years.

Chronic kidney disease can be brought on by the conditions and diseases listed below:

  • Diabetes type 1 or type 2
  • Elevated blood pressure
  • Glomerulonephritis, which is an inflammation of the filtration cells in the kidney
  • Interstitial nephritis, which is an inflammation of the tubules in the kidney and its surrounding tissues
  • Polycystic kidney disease
  • Persistent obstruction of the urinary tract caused by diseases like enlarged prostate, kidney stones, or certain malignancies
  • Urine backing up into the kidneys due to vesicoureteral reflux


Sometimes, kidney disease can be treated. These treatments are intended to lessen problems, soothe symptoms, and help stop the illness from getting worse.

Dialysis: Waste and extra fluid are expelled from your body when your kidneys are unable to work properly. It goes as follows: Hemodialysis, in which a machine removes extra fluid and waste from your blood. During peritoneal dialysis, a little tube called a catheter is placed into your belly. After being injected into your abdomen, a solution absorbs the waste and fluids. Your body finally expels the solution.

A Transplant of organs: Your kidney is removed, and a healthy kidney from a donor is put in its place. This donor can still be with us or be no more. After the treatment, you will need to take medication for the rest of your life to stop your body from rejecting your replacement kidney.
Having CKD can have a major impact on the mental health of the individual and they can experience stress, anxiety, depression, and chronic pain, and their relationships might suffer as well. For all of these issues, you can seek online consultation with the best online counsellor and best relationship counsellor at TalktoAngel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Age-related kidney disease can affect the heart. Elderly people with chronic kidney disease are two to three times at a greater risk of having a heart attack, and cardiovascular disease is a leading cause of death among the elderly.

Having kidney disease will add to the stress of the individual and their family for which they can seek an online consultation with the best psychologist in India and a family therapist at TalktoAngel.
As people age, certain kidney and urinary tract disorders become more prevalent. Some factors that increase the risk of developing kidney diseases are age over 60 years, obesity, high blood pressure or diabetes, family history of kidney failure or acute illnesses

Having these risk factors will add to the stress of the individual and their family for which they can seek an online consultation with the best psychologist in India and a family therapist at TalktoAngel.
If the decreased kidney function in the elderly is due to a fluid or electrolyte imbalance, it can be handled effectively by increasing the water intake or consuming additional electrolytes. For more serious kidney issues, temporary dialysis may be necessary to avoid further severe complications.

Having chronic kidney disease and undergoing treatment for it will add to cause an increase in stress, anxiety, depression, and sleep issues for the individual and their family for which they can seek an online consultation with the best psychologist in India and a family therapist at TalktoAngel.

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