Daily Living and Lifestyle

Even though the majority of the elderly claim they want to "age in peace," one-third of people over 65 need help with at minimum one daily job (such as eating, bathing, and dressing).

Products and services are required to assist older persons with their fundamental daily activities as well as to promote and support their capacity to thrive, follow their passions, and participate in the lifestyles they have chosen.

Issues and Challenges


Exercise and physical exercise are advised.

Try engaging in brief bouts of physical activity throughout the day or designating specified hours each week to work out. Numerous activities, such as brisk walking, and yoga, are free or inexpensive and need no particular equipment. As you become more active, you will stop feeling weary after working out and instead feel rejuvenated and refreshed. The idea is to discover strategies for being motivated and acting.

Getting a good night's sleep.

Many other things may be done to enhance the quality of sleep, like maintaining a regular sleep schedule. Try to regulate bedtime and wake-up time every day. It's best to avoid napping in the afternoon because it will keep you awake at night. Exercise before bedtime can also help you sleep better. Research suggests that behavioral therapies like mindfulness meditation can also improve sleep quality.

Stop smoking.

Research shows that stopping will improve health, even if people are 60 or older and have been a smoker for decades. If people stop smoking at any age, they reduce the chance of developing cancer, heart disease, stroke, and lung disease, improve our blood circulation, boost our senses of taste and smell, make it easier to exercise, and set a good example for others.

The use of alcohol and other drugs.

Like all individuals, seniors should abstain from or use alcohol in moderation. In actuality, aging can bring about social and physical changes that increase older persons' susceptibility to alcohol usage and abuse as well as their vulnerability to its negative effects. Every organ in the body, including the brain, is impacted by alcoholism or severe drinking. Elderly people and those who care for them should exercise caution when using alcohol, but they should also be mindful of other substances that can be overused or misused.

How Online Counselling can be helpful?

Senior citizens can have challenging lives. A life that was once magnificent can be marred by chronic sickness, retirement, and other changes. Our lives have become even more difficult as a result of the global epidemic, which has also limited our access to mental health care.

However, you don't have to fight by yourself. Getting expert assistance is made simpler for seniors who use online counselling. It can assist with a wide range of issues and give you the chance to quickly locate the best therapist in India

Frequently Asked Questions

Lack of exercise and a poor diet affects how rapidly you age.
Healthy Lifestyle Changes Seniors Should Implement

  • Eliminate Negative Habits. Some elderly people have smoked for many years.
  • Improve Your Sleep Hygiene.
  • Take Up a Difficult Hobby.
  • Safeguard the house.
  • Learn to unwind.
  • Every day, check in with someone.
Physical activity, whether you love it or detest it, is essential for good aging. According to scientific research, persons who regularly exercise not only live longer but also may live better, meaning they experience more years of pain- and disability-free life.

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