Your loved one may start to "check out" from routine activities as denial wears off and the truth of a terrible occurrence sinks in. They may lose interest in daily tasks like housework, bill-paying, and customary social activities as a result of becoming preoccupied with the loss. Disarray can be mistaken for dementia.

Signs and Symptoms

  • Abandoning typical routine
  • Become fixated
  • Take much longer than usual to complete small tasks
  • Abnormal behaviour


  • Encourage them to look for natural support systems. This might be your family, your circle of friends, or your church.
  • Give them the freedom to discuss loss in their own words.
  • They may frequently wish to engage in social interaction without having to express their pain.

How Online Counselling can be helpful?

Even though disorganization may not be prevented, spotting and treating symptoms as soon as they appear can lessen the suffering of the affected person and family as well as stop many of the problems associated with the condition. Creating a loving, consistent, and stable home atmosphere that strikes a balance between discipline and affection may also help to lessen symptoms and stop instances of unsettling behavior. Obtain advice from the top online geriatric counsellor. For online counselling, pick from the top psychotherapists, online geriatric counsellors, and mental health specialists. For relationship counselling, CBT, and online therapy for depression and anxiety, trust TalktoAngel.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some of the losses an old-age person phases
  • Loss of employment due to retirement
  • Loss of loved ones (e.g., friend, parent, spouse) 
  • The decline in health and loss of independence as a result of limiting or quitting
  • Driving loss of friends when one's circle of friends shrinks as a result of a death, a move, or other circumstances.
According to the social disorganisation theory, a community's ability to establish and sustain robust social networks is influenced by several factors, including residential instability, family disruption, ethnic diversity, economic status, population density or size, and nearness to urban areas.
When grieving, seniors' disorganization might occasionally be misinterpreted as dementia. The alteration in behaviour may appear to an onlooker to be memory loss or cognitive deterioration. Disorganization is a passing stage, though, and it will get better as the person moves closer to acceptance.
To facilitate a healthy grieving process for an aged person consider online geriatric counselling with a geriatric counsellor having expertise in elder care.

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