Elder neglect

Failure to carry out a caring duty. More than half of all cases of elder abuse that have been documented involve this. Depending on variables like ignorance or denial that an old person needs as much care as they do, it may be purposeful or accidental.

Warning signs

  • Starvation, dehydration, and unusual weight loss
  • Untreated health issues, such as bed sores.
  • Dirt, vermin, unclean clothes and bedding, and unhygienic living circumstances.
  • Being unwashed or left dirty.
  • Inappropriately weather-appropriate attire or protection.
  • Unsafe conditions to live in (no heat or running water; faulty electrical wiring; other fire hazards).
  • Senior citizen abandonment in a public setting.


  • Higher chances of morbidities
  • Premature mortality
  • Damage to psychological well-being
  • Unexplained anger
  • Shutting down

How Online Counselling can be helpful?

Simply put, this refers to refusing to offer necessary services like medication or food, and clean clothing. The most frequent forms of elder neglect include failing to meet basic needs like food and water, maintaining poor hygiene, forgoing necessary medical care, which can result in pain and suffering, allowing bedsores to form as a result of inactivity, and failing to provide appropriate clothing. Elder neglect also causes the emotions like unworthiness, hopelessness, helplessness, etc. Geriatric counselling helps the elderly manage their emotions, find new sources of enjoyment and meaning, and find new support systems

Frequently Asked Questions

Ensure that your personal records, both legal and financial, are in order. If they aren't, seek expert assistance to get them organized, possibly with the aid of a reliable friend or relative. Stay in touch with loved ones and friends to prevent isolation. Speak up if you're not satisfied with the care you're getting, whether it's at home or at a care facility. Inform a trusted person or talk to the elder care provider or an online counsellor.
Due to their increased social isolation and lack of employment, older persons are more likely to experience abuse that goes unreported for an extended period of time. Do not be reluctant to report an instance of elder abuse or neglect if you see it happening. Additionally, you can contact their loved ones or report them if you notice any instances of elder neglect. Take a record of the action if it happens. The likelihood that the elderly person will receive the level of care they require will increase with the amount of information you can provide. For more help, consult a geriatric counsellor.
Psychotherapies can help elderly people who are at risk to deal with stress and trauma. Psychotherapy sessions for elders are offered in individual, family, and group settings and can assist neglect victims in overcoming feelings of denial or guilt, gaining important knowledge about the issue, and strengthening their social support systems. Psychotherapy can also help those who mistreat others. For instance, through online counselling sessions, an abusive caregiver may acquire healthy coping mechanisms and techniques to deal with underlying mental health issues like anxiety or depression.

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