Emotional elder abuse

Using methods to treat an elderly person that results in emotional or psychological suffering or anguish, such as: Threatening or shouting to intimidate; mockery and humiliation; habitual victimising or blaming; ignoring the senior citizen; excluding an elderly person from activities or friends; or the elderly person is being threatened or terrorised.

Warning signs

  • Using intimidation
  • Insults in front of others
  • Mumbling to oneself
  • Refusal of medication
  • Social withdrawal


How Online Counselling can be helpful?

Emotional abuse can be mixed with any of the other types of abuse. The victim is treated in a way by the abuser that lowers their self-esteem and gives them more control over themselves. By using highly manipulative techniques, the abuser may make the victim feel guilty or as though they somehow merited the treatment. Online counselling may be used to address a person's unique requirements. Clients can communicate their thoughts and feelings while working with online counsellors to set therapy goals during one-on-one conversations. This kind of approach recognizes that not every victim of abuse experiences it the same way, that each victim's experience of the effects of abuse is extremely different, and that each victim's desire for healing after abuse is likewise quite different.

Frequently Asked Questions

Emotional or psychological abuse is any verbal or nonverbal conduct that causes an older adult anxiety, fear, or mental suffering. Embarrassment or disrespect, verbal and nonverbal threats, harassment, and social or interpersonal isolation are a few examples. Finding an online geriatric counsellor is a simple and cost-effective way to assist elderly victims of emotional abuse. Best online counsellors can help elderly people who are at risk and help them to deal with stress and trauma.
Both ladies and men abuse senior citizens. More frequently than in any other category, abusers are members of the family. When state data about elderly and vulnerable individuals are merged, it appears that spouses are the most frequently accused of abusing family members. For a number of years, data suggested that adult children were the most frequent offenders of family member abuse. In the end, elder emotional abuse is a family problem and it could be addressed with family counselling. Seek help from the best geriatric counsellor to know more.
Teach oneself and educate others on how to spot and report emotional elder abuse. Try engaging in some soothing, revitalizing outdoor activities, such as taking a walk around the park or relaxing in a garden. Taking up old interests or stepping beyond your comfort bubble to find new interests. Keep in touch with elderly people, socialize or join a social cause. One of the best things you can do for yourself and your body is through lifestyle management by eating a healthy, balanced diet. Keep yourself in constant touch with an online geriatric counsellor at TalktoAngel for mental health support.

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