Financial Wellness

Traditional employment and retirement paradigms have not kept up with the growing lifespan of the population. It will take new models, methods, and norms to finance longevity. We need better techniques to prevent fraud and scams, new models for planning and financing care, and new prospects for employment in later life.

Issues and Challenges

  • Issues of outstanding debts and loans
  • High cost of medical care
  • Difficult to understand the investment
  • Increase in daily living expenditure
  • Keeping up with the bills
  • Financial insecurity


Protect against risk

  • Get life insurance.
  • Buy disability insurance
  • Consider other supplemental insurance
Long-term goals

  • Visualize your future life after work
  • Make the most of your employer’s retirement plan
  • Invest for the appropriate level of risk.
  • Don’t raid your retirement savings
Manage day-to-day finances

  • Create a budget.
  • Pay down debt
  • Build an emergency fund.
  • Understand your credit score

How Online Counselling can be helpful?

Online counselling is typically convenient and reasonably priced. You can frequently plan your treatment sessions for times that are most convenient for you because you will be attending them online while relaxing in the comfort of your own home.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The rising cost of housing and healthcare, poor nutrition, lack of access to transportation, dwindling funds, and job loss are all problems that older persons must contend with.

These issues can be improved upon with the help of a geriatric counsellor or family therapist
Six steps to Prevent Financial Abuse of Elderly People

  • Choose a trustworthy person as your financial power of attorney.
  • Choose a dependable person to handle accounts and investments.
  • Join a programme that keeps tabs on your credit cards, investments, and bank accounts.
  • Keep in touch with elderly family members.
  • Get to know the caregivers of your loved one
  • Get in touch with a geriatric counsellor or family therapist
According to research, compared to individuals who do not encounter periods of poverty, adults who experience even four years of economic difficulty may be in danger of experiencing an accelerated ageing process.

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