Guilt and Bargaining

This stage of mourning frequently coexists with feelings of anger. This phase is frequently referred to as the "if only" phase. When feeling guilty or bargaining, people frequently try to shift the blame, saying things like, "If only we had done this... Then that would not have happened," etc. They might even make religious arguments, pleading with God to save a loved one or trying to negotiate with Him.

Signs and Symptoms

  • Blaming oneself or others
  • Developing false hope
  • Start bargaining with god
  • Searching for answers


  • In this case, it could be wise to advise your loved one to get assistance from an online counsellor.
  • Online geriatric counsellor like those at TalktoAngel can assist your loved one in realizing the truth of the circumstance, absolving themselves and others of responsibility, and starting to think positively.
  • For people going through sorrow, talking to an experienced geriatric counsellor can be a stabilizing experience.
  • An unbiased third party like Talktoangel which offers geriatric counselling can point your loved one in the direction of constructive coping mechanisms while they attempt to rationalize their emotions.

How Online Counselling can be helpful?

Mental and emotional issues can be successfully treated with online counselling. You might frequently feel better just by sharing your ideas and feelings with a supportive individual. By itself, expressing your concerns or talking about a subject that's on your mind can be incredibly healing. Additionally, it feels good to know that you are being heard and that someone wants to support you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Three fundamental types of guilt exist:
  1. Inherent shame or regret for an act you committed or omitted to perform.
  2. Existential guilt is a negative emotion brought on by the unfairness you perceive in the world.
  3. Free-floating, or poisonous, guilt, is the underlying conviction that you are not a good person.

In times of bereavement, guilt can be a frequent yet difficult emotion. The fact is, there are a lot of things for which we can feel guilty. It's not necessary for guilt to be rational to be real. That implies that we may still feel guilty even after realizing that it is unfounded.

One can take bereavement counselling from a geriatric counsellor to cope with the process of mourning.
Usually, guilt strikes as we reflect on the circumstances of the death of a loved one and consider how they might have gone differently. Sometimes we conclude that perhaps, just perhaps, there was anything we could have done to alter the outcome.

To facilitate a healthy grieving process for an aged person consider online geriatric counselling with a geriatric counsellor having expertise in elder care.

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