LGBTQ+ Elders

LGBTQ+ senior people are more likely than heterosexual older people to live alone, be single, and have fewer children, which raises questions regarding social isolation. These variables can all be made worse by the intersections of sex, race, ethnicity, and disability. Psychologists, mental health facilities, and ageing programs working with older people are working with LGBTQ+ persons whether or not they choose to disclose this. As a result, caregivers should be aware of their presence and integrate their specific needs into care systems. To make older LGBTQ+ people feel welcome, services for older persons must be examined in advance and modified as needed.

Signs & Symptoms


  • LGBTQ community of older persons have faced lifetime stressors associated with being a minority, LGBTQ+ older individuals may be disproportionately affected by poverty, and physical and mental health concerns.
  • The elderly in LGBTQ+ may also be more susceptible to neglect and cruelty in ageing care facilities.
  • Due to their age and their sexual orientation or gender identity, they have been experiencing double discrimination.
  • Older LGBTQ community persons may be less outspoken about their sexuality due to generational differences and a lack of legal protection.

How online counselling be helpful?

Online LGBTQ counselling can assist with a wide range of problems, from general problems that anybody might have to more specialized problems, such as easing anxiety over coming out to family and friends.

An online counselling programme can help people with mental health diseases, interpersonal problems, trauma recovery from the past, and other little problems that come up in daily life.

Frequently Asked Questions

LGBTQ elderly are likely to feel more isolated than heterosexual older people because they may not be married, live one, do not have children, or are left alone because of the stigma associated with the community.
The caregivers need to be open, accepting, and aware of their needs, not be hostile towards the elderly, and be welcoming towards them, rather than viewing them in the light of the stigma associated with the community.
Yes, online counsellors can help the elderly be aware of and accept their sexual orientation, help them come out in the open if they wish to, help them cope with the anxiety caused due to their sexual orientation, and offer support. For the best online counselling services for the elderly, visit TalktoAngel

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Fred Rogers

I’ve come to understand that listening is one of the most important things we can do for one another… if we care, we can listen

Fred Rogers

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