Lung Disease

Lung diseases are conditions that affect the lungs, the organs that allow for breathing. Lung disease-related breathing issues may make it difficult for the body to get enough oxygen. Examples of lung conditions include:

  • Chronic bronchitis, emphysema, and asthma
  • Illnesses like pneumonia and the flu
  • Chest cancer
  • Sarcoidosis and pulmonary fibrosis


  • Breathlessness.
  • Continual Cough 
  • Loss of weight.
  • Fatigue, wheezing, etc.
  • Thoracic infections
  • Formation of mucus.
  • Having a bloody cough


  • Smoking,
  • Infections,
  • Pneumonia,
  • Exposed to fumes,
  • Allergies,
  • Air pollution
  • Genetics.


Oxygen treatment

While using oxygen won't reverse lung damage, it can:

  • Facilitate breathing and exercise
  • Reduce or avoid the consequences of low blood oxygen levels
  • Lower the right side of your heart's blood pressure.
  • Boost your quality of sleep and wellbeing
  • Although some people utilize oxygen constantly, it is most likely to be consumed while you sleep or exercise.
Doctors may recommend lung surgery to some patients who have severe and recurrent symptoms in order to improve their breathing. The surgical procedure treats the emphysema portion of lung disease.

Another sort of drug that is frequently inhaled is steroids. While bruises and infections are possible adverse effects of corticosteroid drugs, they can help to reduce inflammation in the lungs and airways. For more severe lung diseases, inhalers may occasionally be filled with a mix of bronchodilators and steroids.

Having a lung disease, whether chronic or severe will cause one to have more stress, depression, and anxiety among other mental health issues for the afflicted and their family. To take care of your mental health and of your family, consult an online consultation from the best psychologist in India and a family therapist.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some commonly experienced lung diseases with increasing age are lung infections, such as pneumonia and bronchitis, shortness of breath, low oxygen level, and abnormal breathing patterns.

Having frequent lung problems in old age will add to the stress, depression, and anxiety among other mental health issues for the afflicted and their family. To take care of your mental health and of your family, consult an online consultation from the best clinical psychologist and family therapist.
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is one of the most commonly experienced respiratory diseases experienced by the elderly population.

Look for the best "clinical psychologist near me" to cope with the aftermath of this diagnosis.
A decrease in lung function is a normal part of the aging process, still, some steps can be taken to stay as healthy as possible which include staying active, avoiding tobacco smoke, and staying up to date on vaccinations to strengthen the lungs.

To develop healthy coping strategies and improve your aging process, consult the best psychologist in India

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