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Kid Package | TalktoAngel | Blossom

Validity : 3 Months

  • 12 Sessions
  • Customized personal counselling.
  • 1st session with Senior Clinical Psychologist.

12 Sessions

*Conditions Apply

Kid Package | TalktoAngel | Bloom

Validity : 6 Months

  • 24 Sessions
  • Customized personal counselling.
  • 1st session with Senior Clinical Psychologist.

24 Sessions

*Conditions Apply

Kid Package | TalktoAngel | Boost

Validity : 9 Months

  • 36 Sessions
  • Customized personal counselling.
  • 1st session with Senior Clinical Psychologist.

36 Sessions

*Conditions Apply

Kid Package | TalktoAngel | Excel

Validity : 12 Months

  • 48 Sessions
  • Customized personal counselling.
  • 1st session with Senior Clinical Psychologist.

48 Sessions

*Conditions Apply

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is important to consult the best child psychologist for better development of your child. When you schedule a consultation with our top child psychologists, they will evaluate the child's needs and make recommendations with Individualised Developmental Plan. Child Psychologist will also provide parenting tips, regular and periodic interention session based on child's need. Consider scheduling an online consultation with best child psychologist for your peace of mind.
We frequently hear this, so believe us! You might be concerned about your child's ability to endure an online session without a professional present in person. That is precisely the reason why before commencing lessons, our specialists take the time to get to know your child well. Each child's requirements, skills, interests, and—most importantly—ability to sit still are taken into account while creating content. Your child will remain interested and engaged thanks to this customised content. All of our sessions are lively, entertaining, and participatory. All ages of children have benefited from it, as we have witnessed. You will undoubtedly observe development if you give the best child psychologists and your youngster some time to get to know one another and work things out.
If given the correct resources, we think every child is capable of learning, coping, and thriving. The top child psychologists at TalktoAngel work arduously to maximise your child's potential. We determine developmental gaps your child is experiencing and how we can assist them in developing the requisite skills. By providing your kids with the appropriate tools and tactics, we want to assist them overcome their obstacles.
We do psychological evaluations and assessments in a variety of cognitive, behavioural, social and other developmental domains. The top child psychologist can let you know how your child can improve in areas in which they are lacking. Diagnosis and evaluation of assessment is conducted by licensed clinical psychologist.
It is challenging to predict how many sessions your child will need to complete the desired results because every child is different and responds in a different way. The number of sessions needed can be roughly estimated by the best child psychologist during the assessment and parental interaction, but this will be reevaluated based on how well your child is doing. Children's needs and talents will change as they grow. The major objective of intervention is to empower your kid to manage their needs independently, with confidence in their abilities, and with the tools necessary. Our best child psychologists, speech therapists, special educators and occupational therapists are dedicated to assisting you for as long that may be.
Finding you a top child psychologist who is a good fit for your kid is our top priority at TalktoAngel. Our team will pair you with the appropriate child psychologist based on your preferences for language, weekday, time slots, or weekend sessions, and your child's needs. Our team can assist you if you need to switch the child psychologist who has been assigned to you for whatever reason.
Absolutely, yes. We recognise that you have a lot on your plate as a parent. We value being able to work around your child's and your family's schedule. You have the freedom to select the days and times of the week that work best for you when using TalktoAngel platform. We also recognise that occasionally you might need to reschedule appointments. We can assist you in doing that if you let us know in advance.
Early action, according to research, produces better outcomes. Therefore, it is best to get the assistance of best child psychologists as soon as you observe any behavioural problems or developmental delays that haven't been resolved on their own. We can advise parents on what to do for youngsters under the age of three with their help. Online treatment has had very encouraging effects for kids ages 4 and up.
All of our sessions as of right now are one-on-one, live, and online. These flexible, tailored virtual consultations spare you the stress of having to travel to the correct professional who can assist your child. We have also noticed that kids perform better when they are relaxed and in their comfortable surroundings, like at home.
We match you with a top child psychologist for an initial consultation before you start regular therapy sessions. They can pinpoint the precise need and suggest the best line of action based on their interactions with the child and parent. They suggest the potential number of sessions needed when therapy is indicated. This will be reevaluated in light of your child's development because every child is different and responds in a different way. Our child psychologists are dedicated to assisting you for as long that may be.
Every TalktoAngel session is conducted online, one-on-one, and entirely customised to your child's needs. Our session bundles are very cost-effective and considerably less expensive than in-person sessions. Additionally, you avoid paying for fuel and travel time!

Following is a list of session packs' remaining validity dates:

  • 12 session, good for 3 Months after the enrollment date
  • 24 sessions, good for 6 months after the enrollment date
  • 36 sessions, good for 9 months after the enrollment date
  • 48 sessions, good for 12 months after the enrollment date

Both the developmental trajectory and every child are unique. You always question as a parent, "Is this normal?" or "Should I be concerned because my infant is..." We assist you in removing uncertainty from growth. If your kid is exhibiting symptoms of developmental delays, TalktoAngel can help you identify what to look out for each month of the first few years and connect with the appropriate professionals who can assist you.

The various child developmental skills are-

  1. Motor (Fine & Gross)
  2. Language & Speech
  3. Sensory
  4. Cognitive (Creative Expression & Logical Problem Solving)
  5. Emotional
  6. Behavioral

We provide a wide range of payment methods and gateways, including Debit cards, Credit cards, UPI and Razorpay. Therefore, you can select a session package that suits your needs and make a payment using whichever method you are comfortable with. Please contact our dedicated team at +91-93581-93588 if you want to learn more or need any assistance.
You receive a customised experience, complete with games and content chosen just for your child's age. Based on your child's age and developmental stage, the activities will help your child develop the abilities that are necessary at that time. An online child psychologist will connect with you for a thorough review of your baby's developmental milestones and other important parameters in addition to these irresistible features. This will help ensure that there is no delay and, if there is, will help connect you to the appropriate specialist right away if there is.

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