Invest in Mental Health

"Your Mental Health is as important as Physical Health"

Yes, you read that right. Maybe read it again? Psychological wellbeing is an integral aspect of holistic wellbeing of a person and in today’s world it has become an indispensable part of life. When we have a fever, we stop everything and take rest. Similarly, when we are suffering from mental health issues we need to give ourselves the same care and attention. Sure, problems related to our health are not overtly visible but we do feel them. We should cater to these feelings. If they go unnoticed, they could lead to larger issues. On the occasion of World Mental Health Day and in light of this year’s theme, we’d like you to be more aware of ‘Invest in your Mental Health’.

The need for investment in Mental Health

In psychology, there is a famous ABC model for understanding attitudes, the letters in the name stand for Affect, Behavior and Cognition. The capacity for individual wellbeing begins at Individual feelings (affect), extends to our behavior and shapes our thoughts (cognition). Negative mental states caused due to stress, depression and other psychological issues rob individuals of effective ABC functioning.

Today, it's hard to find people who are content, happy and have a high life satisfaction. Individuals’ career goals and lifestyle are designed to receive happiness. However, the ever increasing corporate lifestyle has devoid people of the time to enjoy life. Temporarily or permanently, many people have given up on their primary and desired goal of happiness. Humans are social animals, who invest and nurture social relationships. Our self identity, values and morals to an extent are highly influenced by social surroundings. Ironically, since globalization, loneliness, social isolation have increased and so has the development of prolonged mental illnesses.

In light of the above, there is an increasing need for intervention for mental health, at a personal, social and national level.

Mental Health Investment: The importance of guidance, counselling and therapy

While the three concepts are interrelated, all three of them are distinct. First, guidance is when you approach a life coach or a guidance counselor when you’re confused about certain important decisions such as career. Second, counseling is shorter in duration than therapy, one can look up for online counsellling. It is more problem-solution oriented. Third, therapy of different forms is for longer duration. It is cause oriented and has a lifespan perspective on issues. Therapy deals with issues which interfere with our daily living.

With respect to your problem, you can invest in any of three problems. Whether it’s confusion where guidance can help or your problems where counseling can help or deeper and issues where therapy will help, you need to invest in your mental health in the best way possible.

Invest your time: ways to transform your Mental Health   

1. Be Health Conscious: Go get some Physical activity: By exercising regularly, you not only keep your body healthy but you’re also keeping that brain young and smart. Other forms of physical activity such as yoga, pilates, dance etc is equally rewarding. The benefits of regular exercise include disease prevention, lower body-fat and weight, increased energy and sleep. 

2. Eat Healthy: Many studies suggest that eating the right kind of food can prevent cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancer etc. Healthy eating is also good for digestion, blood pressure. While obsessing over calories is not per se healthy in it, but you need to keep track of what you’re eating and what you’re not eating. To understand what your body needs better, you might want to go to a nutritionist. Following a diet chart has many benefits. Nutritionists help us in better understanding the dynamics of what is the right fat, avoiding allergic food etc.                                                       

3. Inculcate Some Positive Habits: Positive changes are always beneficial. We can inculcate positive habits by practicing gratitude, letting go of ill habits such as smoking, drinking etc, practicing mindfulness. Forgiveness is another aspect of bringing positivity to your life. These positive changes can bring you a long way.

Gratitude: Gratitude is liked with happiness, positivity and improved physical and mental wellbeing. To imrpove gratitude skills, one can keep a gratitude journal. Morever, you can include gratitude in your to do list.         

Optimism: Positivity is linked with happiness. Just having a positive outlook can highly influence how we feel. You can incorporate optimism by promoting thoughts of self worth. Recharge yourself with positive thoughts instead of negative criticism.                                                                                              

 Love and Compassion: Feelings of love for someone can change your entire outlook on life. Compassion and empathy for others and for oneself will help one in understanding ours and others feelings. By practicing compassion you are also helping others and being kind.                                                                  

4. Social Media Detox: A social media detox has much more benefits than you think. In the times of Covid, while lives have shifted online, a social media detox will reduce your screen time. Other benefits of social media detox include a reduction in comparison with others. Moreover, by self discipline you can quit the race of missing out. Getting out of the digital social space will give you the time to reconnect with your physical world. Finally, the free time which you would previously spend on social media, can now be put to better use such as reading, practicing meditation etc.

5. Seek Online Counselling for Mental Health: Physical fitness is futile without mental fitness. One may better this exercise by referring to trained professionals and experts. During the time of social distancing, one could stay at home and avail online counselling services at various e-platforms and seek online counselling for mental health. 

We hope that you understand the importance towards "Investment in Mental Health", and work towards prioritizing it.

Do tell us your views and ways of investing in your mental health. 

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