Invest in Positivity

 This Dussehra, Burn the Ravan of Negativity and Invest in Positivity.

Vijayadashami or Dussehra is a major Indian festival being observed in different parts of India. One of the most prominent reasons for celebrating this festival is to mark “the triumph of good over evil”. Therefore, on the occasion of dussehra, we decided to talk about the triumph that you need to be conquering, an inner battle which many of us have been struggling with for a significant period of time. Let’s talk about our battle against negativity.

Battling negativity is a part of being human and surviving in this tough world. While it’s impossible to completely banish negativity from our lives, we can learn to handle things positively. We come across negativity stemming out of relationships, work, social events and unexpected proceedings on a regular basis. So what do we do about it, let’s find out:

Understanding the source of Negativity:

Asking yourself the question ‘what causes the feeling of negativity?’. Then you know what you have to deal with. The acknowledgement of the problem is the first and the most important step. Try and figure out what is the cause of the negativity. Is it a fear of failure? or loss? Or a strained relationship? It will take time and effort but it will be worth it and important.

Surround yourself with Positivity:

When you already have an impinging sense of pessimism, you need to turn things around your way. Its essential to bring some positivity to first create a balance and then gradually, increase the positivity in your life. It’s easier said than done. This will require religious efforts, persistent hard work and dedication. You must be wondering how to bring positivity in life. Well, you can start with surrounding yourself with fun loving optimist people if you are a social person, if you will find something positive that you would like to do on your own.

The importance of Gratitude:

Adopting gratitude in your way of life will be a gift to and to the people who surround you. What happens in our life is highly impacted by how we react to it. In distressed time, when everything seems gloomy, remembering the things that we’re grateful for will provide us with a sense of happiness and meaning. When we are grateful, the chances of looking at things negatively are very slim.

Adopt at least One Positive Habit:

When we say positive habits, we really mean something creative, something meaningful to you. A morning routine that helps you get everything in order really helps. Developing certain beneficial habits will not only add meaning to your life, it will keep you a bit busy. When we are idle, negative thoughts are easier to come by. Positive habits that let you express your feelings like painting, music, dance etc can prove to be beneficial.

Letting Go:

Often we are frustrated because things are not really going the way we want them to, The constant need to have the perfect things, relationships, work can become stressful and promote feelings of negativity. The earlier we realize that letting go of things that we can’t control is actually a positive change. Holding on is not always the best option. Yes, it is difficult to let go but once we do, it liberates us.

Self Affirmation:

At times we are too invested to stand up to people’s expectations of us and we sort of seek others’ validation. While this is not wrong, this is counter intuitive. The supreme affirmation and validation is the one that comes from within. We need to have conversations with ourselves. This helps us in keeping in touch with who we really are, what our goals are. Work on your awareness skills, reach out for yourself and be there for yourself.

Your own Social Space:

Having a social and emotional support network is great.  When we are doomed by negative thoughts, we often break off with people. Having a good company of people that you can rely upon creates a sense of security and keeps negativity at a bay.

Communicate your Feelings and Channel your Thoughts:

Often negative thoughts and feelings arise from bottled up emotions. When we let out feeling out, we also vent out the negativity, which fills us with a sense of relief. Talking to a loved one is one way of unbottling emotions. If you don’t prefer talking to others, work on a journal to provide a channel to your thoughts.


Mindfulness is the ability to be in the present fully and wholly. It is the awareness of the present. It can be practiced through meditation, observing your body and soul and participating in activities that enhance your mood. The benefits of mindfulness are manifold. With positive transformation, it relieves stress and helps us in exploring ourselves. Negativity can often stem from self-doubt; mindfulness provides for improved self esteem and improves both our physical and psychological well being.

This Dussehra beat your inner demons of negativity and let Positivity prosper. 

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