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When COVID 19 started to spread and people were locked in their homes, most of the people started investing in…...stock market with intent to make some quick money and future savings! Some people started investing by in learning a new skill, catching up with an old hobby, undertaking part time work for extra money, having family time, watching movies and shows etc., which kept people occupied mentally.

It is always believed that, “investments, if done wisely, bring us good revenue for future”. At TalktoAngel, we believe that ‘Investing in Yourself’ is the most profitable investment. When you invest in yourself, you reap the rewards at present and in the future until the end of time. You must be wondering how to invest in yourself? What to do if you do not have enough capital? Well, friends, do not worry, it won’t require a capital as large as your inheritance. The major capital that you need is your time.

Love Yourself:

This is the most important element to keep in mind when you’re investing in yourself. Unconditional love for oneself is essential; people who love themselves make better decisions. These people are also capable of loving others, being emotionally available for others. They know when to draw boundaries and do not give up their own space. They develop a sense of respect and self esteem which helps them to be in better control of their lives. In order to provide yourself with unconditional love, you need to make daily affirmations, self reflections and work on yourself every day. But remember, you’re worth all the love.

Do not forget to inculcate Self Care:

Self care is anything that we do intentionally to refuel us. It includes activities that boost our socio emotional, psychological and physical health. The vital components of self care are good sleep, a healthy balanced diet, some exercise and relaxing activities. However, we need to be careful of how we are incorporating self care in our routine. It certainly isn’t watching a movie and having a pizza every day. It certainly is staying ahead of your deadlines, practicing effective time management. Plan your self care activities ahead so that these don’t overlap with your important tasks.

Self Acceptance:

Self acceptance refers to the awareness of one’s strengths, weaknesses, the realistic appraisal of one’s goals, talents, abilities etc. It is the accepting nature where we do not weigh our good against our bad. We feel satisfied with ourselves despite our deficiencies and past failures. We need to get rid of this hypothetically perfect version that we’ve built for ourselves. If you’re impinged with self doubt, keep a mental note of all the things you love about yourself. You can start by forgiving yourself for being hard on yourself.

Engage in something soothing or calming:

Mindful meditation, music, art, a long bath or find something that soothes you and calms your nerves. Engaging in something like this is another way of investing time in you. In this way you’ll reduce the chances of being overburdened or over stressed. You can make a bi -weekly or monthly routine of such things to give yourself a break.

Challenge Yourself:

Some people do not like sitting idly or prefer to invest time in things that challenge them. For some people, it may be engaging in a mentally stimulating activity like a quiz, for others, they might prefer learning something new. Learning new things is something that is challenging and fun. Many successful people engage in learning constantly. This helps them to become the best version of themselves as they keep broadening their horizons.

Go get some Physical Activity:

Thanks to the internet, everyone knows the benefits of exercise and other forms of physical activity. By exercising regularly, you not only keep your body healthy but you’re also keeping that brain young and smart. Other forms of physical activity such as yoga, pilates, dance etc are equally rewarding.

Remember Your Goals:

Another way of investing in yourself is to always remember what you’re working for. It is important that we are dedicated and motivated for our goals. For the same we need to track, monitor and keep updating our goals.

Inculcate some Positive Habits:

Positive changes are always beneficial. We can inculcate positive habits by practicing gratitude,  practicing mindfulness. Forgiveness is another aspect of bringing positivity to your life. These positive changes can bring you a long way.

Giving Importance to your 'Mental Health': 

Being healhty at mind is very important. One may choose the option of seeking professional help to overcome any concerns that disturbs mental health. One may opt for Online Counselling for Mental Health throguh the available e-platfomrs.  By a click of a button one could speak to a therapist while been seated at their home's comfort and seek online counselling for Mental Health. 

We hope that you’ve understood this concept of investment, and will always bring it to practice.

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100% Secure & Confidential

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Qualified & Certified Therapist

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