Mental Health Wellness for Employees

Organisation’s work environment certainly plays a role in employee’s performance. Survey in India reveals that approximately 36% of employees in India suffer from mental health issues which have been highly concerning. Stress can be encountered due to work related factors such as short deadlines, continuous working hours, relatively less pay, toxic environment and poor employer-employee relationship as well non-work-related factors such as health issues, family or relationship disputes, managing finances, uncertainty of market, monotonous life etc.

There are few signs that one can look out for to spot declining mental health in employees such as disinterest in work, reduced engagement and participation, decrease in productivity, irregular attendance, feeling easily exhausted, racing thoughts and feelings of anxiety, difficulty in concentration etc.

What happens when employees work with a draining baggage on their shoulders? This does not only shatter the overall wellbeing of employees but even the organisation has to bear this cost in forms of lower productivity and poor performance.  There have been instances of employees who have attempted suicide and lost their lives for not being able to bear the high mental pressure. The pressure has been real. Covid-19 has further made situation more troubling with sudden change in work culture. Taking care of the employees and promoting mental health in an organisation has genuinely become need of the hour.

Steps towards Employee’s Wellness:

There are various ways through which organisations can support and genuinely stand to enhance employee’s overall mental health. One can start off with basic steps such as:

a. having clarity while communicating about delegation of tasks and giving       training/instructions;

b. setting reasonable and achievable goals to enhance the competency of employees;

c. Flexible hours to reduce the burden. Encourage employees to take timely breaks away from constant digital and manual workload.

d. Increasing healthy interpersonal relationships amongst the employees can create a supportive environment and raise team effectiveness.

Organisations can go a step ahead by spreading awareness of mental health in their workspace in forms of webinars, meetings or presentations. Managers can be trained to look out for declining signs of mental health in their team and how to address such situation. Monthly assessments can be carried out that help the organisation to evaluate the current mental health condition of their employees and take supportive actions accordingly. It is a great plan to promote wellbeing generously by having weekly meditation/mindfulness sessions, implementing yoga and exercise sessions that can rejuvenate mood and activity level. Organisations should not step back from modifying policies that have been straining workers and rather make space for developing mental health programs and policies. In order to prevent burnout, organisations should encourage and model work-life balance.

Employee Assistance Program:

To help organization and channelize such initiatives, organizations may look out for mental health awareness providers- who specialize in providing ‘Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)’.

TalktoAngel through its Corporate Wellness Program caters to the need of organizations for building and raising awareness for mental health wellness for employees. Its team of top psychologists, life coaches, and relationship counsellors could help provide counselling services to employees to deal and better their professional or personal issues. The Corporate Wellness Program at TalktoAngel is a client-customized program with offering duly customized to suit the needs of each organization. 

It goes without a doubt that mental health is a critical concern and every organisation must try its best to build a healthier space by boosting their employee’s motivation, self-esteem and efficacy as well as uplifting the mental health domain and setting an example for other organisations to also do the same.

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