Scientific Behavioural Assessment

Self-assessment tests on different mental health conditions to help you know yourself better


The Substance Abuse Scale

Addicted to Internet/Social Media?

Am I Alcoholic?

Am I a Great Gambler?

Addicted to Sex or Porn?

Is my Addiction Manageable?


Is your Child Inattentive and Hyperactive?

ADHD Test for adults


Are you angry young man?

Indian Women - Frustrated with anger?

Adults - Unable to control anger?


Do I have Appearance Anxiety?

Child Social Anxiety

Anxious Youth!!

Are you an Anxious Indian Women?

Adult - Am I worried?

Bipolar Disorder

Do you feel High & Low?

Child and Adolescent

Self - Esteem Test

Behavioural Screening Test

Is your Child Bullied?


Having Post COVID Guilt?

Having Post COVID Anxiety?

Are you Stressed about COVID?

COVID making you Anxious?


Post - Partum Depression scale

Youth - Feeling low?

Indian Women - Depressed?

Adults - Are you sad?

Eating Disorder

Are my Eating Habits normal?

Grief & Loss

Grieving the Loss of your Loved One?


Are you Obsessed?


Parenting Style Test


My Humility Traits

Do you have traits of Machiavellianism?

Am I an Extrovert?

Am I Lonely?

Do I have an Agreeable Personality?

Do you have traits of psychopathy?


Do you feel stuck in crowd?

Are you scared?

Physical Health

General Health Questionnaire

Are you physically fit?

Personality Disorder

Do you have borderline personality traits?

Do you have narcissistic personality?

Am I having Paranoid Personality?


Are you anxious about your relationship?

Do you avoid attachments?

Is your relationship toxic?

Trust in Relationship?

Is your partner Compatible?

How strong is your Martial Bond?

How understanding is my partner?

Are these wedding jitters?

Sexual Dysfunction

Female Sexual Function Test

Brief Male Sexual Function Inventory

Self Improvement

Am I Greedy?

Are you Hopeful?

Feeling Gratitude?

Are you confident enough?

Emotional Intelligence Test

Do you have Self discipline in life?

Conflict Management Style


How Happy I am?


Sleepless Nights?

Do you Sleep Well?


Are you exhausted?

Stress - o - meter


Is your Work Environment Favorable?

Satisfied with Job?

Are you Bullied at Work?