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This month of celebrating 24th July 2021 as “International Self-Care Day”, come join us spread awareness towards “Self-Care” for a better physical & mental wellbeing.
Write down your understanding and interpretation of Self-Care at our especially curated “Self Care Wall”.

What does “Self Care” mean to you?

According to me Self care means self love, self respect, self motivation and my own happiness.

~ Anonymous

'Just when you feel you have no time to relax, know that this is the moment you most need to make time to relax yourself'Self love is the most important element.

~ Kanika

Choosing myself, even when others refuse to. Accepting that it’s okay to take a break , a moment for my own self and it’s okay to be selfish if it means rediscovering your own power and happiness.

~ Jaskriti kaur

Focusing on everything that gives me joy! Being mindful and grateful for what life has to offer instead of worrying about the negatives

~ Deepti Acharya

Taking out time for myself every night to reflect on my feelings and drawing or dancing my heart out.

~ Darpan

Achieving your goals and setting up boundaries.

~ ayush kansal

Reflecting my emotions, Recreating my skills, Requisite the Unconditional Self-Acceptance.

~ Ms. Neeri Batra

Its all about loving yourself enough that you dont feel the need of seeking approval of your self worth.

~ Akshay Gupta

Self - Care is to care about ourselves and maintaining good physical and mental health.

~ Pari Kanpara

Self Care to me means being happy and living in the present every single day.

~ Karan Sharma

Self care is loving yourself and staying confident every single day no matter what ~anisha

~ anisha

Ensuring time for yourself in a very important self care ritual.

~ Anuja

Self-care is about learning to love the parts pf yourself that no one claps for.

~ Yukti Polke

Self-care is being your own therapist, understanding and pampering yourself till the highest point.

~ Niska Dholabhai

Practice good hygiene.

~ Yash Rana

Self-care is the necessity to do things that are good for our physical, emotional or psychological well-being

~ Keshav Mishra

Taking care of my physical and mental being during the covid times!

~ Anonymous

Taking care of my health and mental health by engaging fruitful activities I enjoying most. Being greateful for the beauty of life.


Loving both the beautiful and less beautiful parts of myself!

~ Anonymous

Respecting, caring for and accepting myself unconditionally!

~ Ms. Nitika Arora

Share your thoughts, and let’s ‘Invest in Self Care’!!


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