‘ME TIME’: - Important Entry In Your To – Do List


July 01 2022 TalktoAngel 178 Views

In our busy lives we can’t keep track on every single things. We usually have to do so many things and we forget all those due to many reasons. For example, tomorrow I have family gathering and a meeting too. So I will think about meeting and I will be busy in those preparations and I don’t get time to think about family gatherings and all. This is because we don’t remember all these small things and we forget to track on those issues. We usually don’t give ourselves a “ME TIME” to keep track on our lives. Also not only on personal lives, but we forget some things in our professional lives too. So to keep track on all our issues we have to maintain a proper to do list.

For starters to – do list is a list we prepare for ourselves to keep track on us. In simpler words it helps us to remember things either they are small or big. Similarly, keep a time slot for yourself in the same list.

Benefit of having a “Me Time”:

Helps us to be focused:  Reserving a small time slot in our daily lives for ourselves helps to be focused, recharged back for the daily hassle. It is important to have some time dedicated to just relax and do nothing.

Reduces Stress:  Investing time for “Me Time” helps oneself to divert mind from other hassles and stress (be it at work or home).  A time dedicated to oneself could be used for practicing some hobby, doing exercise or relaxation of mind and body. This tremendously helps in keeping the mind cool, relaxed and stress free.

While, we speak about the benefits, check out few quick ways to invest in “Me Time”:

a. Practicing an old hobby;
b.Watching favourite show or movie;
Reading a book;
d. Indulging in some culinary skills;
e. Going for shopping.

These quick ways generally add up to methods for mind rejuvenation, whereas one could also seek help from trained professionals to help understand the tips and tricks for mental wellbeing and growth. Many e-platforms offer online counselling for mental health which focus of self-improvement and development. One could connect and speak to a trained psychologists at their own comfort and ease.